conditinal branch

  1. ZozeR

    Wait to progress an event.

    I have several events. in each event there are several sub-quests. example: In the Inn Event: 1-Clean Inn 2-Serve Drinks 3-Clean Inn 4,5,6... In the Chef Event: 1-Clean Kitchen 2-Learn to Cook 3-Cook 4,5,6... What I want to do is make the player sleep after completing one of this sub-quest, to...
  2. Tiregs

    Problem with Saving/Recalling Map-IDs

    Hello, sorry but I think this is a rather complicated problem. I am trying to build a "Bindings of Isaac"-like game, but you can only go from left to right. If I go right, I teleport into a random map. It is basicly the same map everytime, they just look a little different and have different...
  3. Random Panda

    Yanfly Battle Engine Core Battler Positioning Question

    Hi All. I was wondering if anyone knew if you can use conditional if statement in Yanfly's Battle Engine Core X and Y Positioning for battlers. I was hoping to do something like this for the Y position. if ($gameParty.members().length == 1 (800)) else (500 + index * 120) Basically, i would...
  4. DreamingUtopia

    How do I compare multiple variables?

    First of all, I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong section of the forum! I'm currently making my very first game and I wanted to do multiple endings. I thought about setting variables that increase with specific dialogue choices so that the highest variable will determine which ending...
  5. VesperCire

    Help needed with tracking the total amount of items

    Basically what the title says. I'm wondering if there's a way to track the total number of items, not just the amount of a single item. If the total is over a certain number or higher, chests won't open. If possible, I'd prefer it to be tracked with a variable or in a conditional branch, but any...
  6. JDevain

    Script call for conditional branch checking multiple conditions

    I need to check two separate variables at the same time, like this: if $gameVariables.value(25) = 0 AND $gameVariables.value(26) = 3 (do some stuff) else (change values for vars 25 and 26) if $gameVariables.value(25) = 0 AND $gameVariables.value(26) = 3 (do some stuff) else etc. I remember...
  7. Calling no. of enemy troops in region/map

    Sorry in advance if I can't see the wood for the trees. Broad view: Generic 'please clear map of enemies to advance game' quest First idea: Use conditional branching event to check for live enemy troops and then turn on switch which acts as success state when none are present. Thing I need...
  8. RouletteBunnie

    Problem with Events

    Hey Everyone I am having some major problems with making a event appear during a another event.. Like I have a cut scene with two people, then the player gets transferred on a event which I have it parallel processing with a control switch being turned on with a variable. When that happens...
  9. Block party from access if party member(s) are dead.

    I've looked, but I can't seem to find an answer to this: So I want it where the player will be blocked from entering specific places if a party member is dead. They have to revive the party member first before they will be allowed in. It's easy to check if one party member is dead by just...
  10. Hasiva

    AND and OR operators

    Hello. It's probably a beginners' question, but can you make conditional branches with AND and OR operators in Ace? I specifically want to do some statements with switches, but a solution for normal variables would be appreciated too. I know you can make one condition after another for AND, but...
  11. JDevain

    condition to check if the dialogue window is open

    Hello, I have a parallel process that runs a simple homemade clock (wait 60 frames, add 1 to the variable "minutes", that sort of thing). I'd like the clock to stop whenever the dialogue window is open (i.e. whenever you're talking to an NPC or buying something, etc.). Is there a way to have a...
  12. Yawgmoth

    How to Random Loot Quickly

    Hi all, I have a fairly complete database of weapons, armors, and items. I am using Yanfly's augment plugin to add sockets to armors and weapons which considerably increases both weapons and armors. I am looking for a fast and easy way to generate random loot. I think I would like this to be...
  13. Aleister

    RPG Maker VX ace Trading more then one item!

    Hello, I am Aleister. I am working on a game for 2 furry YouTubers. In the game, they is a shop keeper or trader selling stuff but the player can also select specil offer. Doing this 3 choices come up and the player can choose what they want to buy using a certain item. In this case chocolates...

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