1. SoftCloud

    State Remove Based on Low HP

    I have an enemy that transforms at the beginning of battle, and the idea is when the transformed enemy loses enough HP the enemy transforms back. Tried using means of troop conditions, but 'Transformed-Enemies' don't appear in any dropdown menus." Is there a way to achieve state removal through...
  2. t1slam

    Enemy uses skill despite condition becoming unappliable during the turn

    I am trying to create a mechanic where enemy has to prepare itself in two steps before making powerful attack, while player being able to stop him by dealing damage during the preparation phase. It works like that: 1. If enemy has no 'weapon prepared' and 'aiming' states enemy uses skill...
  3. Block party from access if party member(s) are dead.

    I've looked, but I can't seem to find an answer to this: So I want it where the player will be blocked from entering specific places if a party member is dead. They have to revive the party member first before they will be allowed in. It's easy to check if one party member is dead by just...
  4. Qabs Conditional branching when HP=0 of the enemy is achieved

    Hello. I am using QABS plugin. And I don't know how to use JavaScript. I am using event box on map as enemy. I want to trigger an event when the enemy HP is zero. For example, I would like to change the image of an enemy when it reaches HP =0. I'm using Cv2_deathcommononevent plugin, which deals...
  5. Help with Display Text on Variable Condition

    I'm trying to get a message to show when a variable reaches certain values. I've tried creating a parallel event, but it just repeats itself constantly once the condition is met. I'd like a different message to display every time the variable increases by 1.
  6. Avanoh

    Invisible Pathways(RMMV)

    Is there a way to make it so that a path in an area is invisible until you enter that path? For example, if you’re in the forest and there’s a secret passage in the bushes, could you make it so you can see the path until you enter those bushes? Or if there’s a secret entrance behind a mirror...
  7. CodeHunterEx

    Simple Conditional RGSS3 Script

    Is it possible to create a simple script that all it does is execute conditions? Example you use 'Script: CheckStatus' Under scripts you have a script and it has 'Check status' and under that conditionals and '$game....' script commands. Can this be done?
  8. nakina

    How do I use the player's current class as a condition (Yanfly's auto passive states)

    To clarify a bit more, I'm using yanfly's auto passive states plugin and I want to add a custom requirement based on the player's current class. For example, I'm making a berserk state that triggers when you reach max tp but only when you are using the berserker class. This is the code I'm...
  9. FoxySeta

    Nested conditions

    This is part of a common event I am implementing. The process stops right before calling "Generate Frames". Because of this, if I want to execute the exact common event call regardless of the esit of the condition above, I need to to put it both after "Change Background -> Foreground" and "Clean...
  10. TheObermotz1

    Weapon Type Conditions

    Sorry for troubling you folks, but I've run into a problem, I can't solve on my own. The situation is the following: In my current project I want to include crates/chests that have to be pried open, before they can be lootet. The way it's supposed to work, is a condition checking if anyone in...
  11. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Modifying substitute conditions

    Hi. I'm trying to modify the substitute conditions in my project since some months ago and after trying some scripts (without success) I decided to check the default scripting to check where could I modify them. I found this part in Scene_Battle in 644 line...
  12. tale

    Enemy Default State

    EnemyDefaultState - 2018/03/27 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Set default state for enemies Features - If you put <defaultState:4> in enemy's Note field, 4th state is given by default. - For more than one states, <defaultState:4,5> separate state # with a comma. - Short code Preview...
  13. Isabella Ava

    Check if several enemies are dead?

    Hi there, i wonder how to check if specified enemies are dead or not in Battle? as well as if specified enemies affected by state X or not? Thanks guys, pls Help @.<
  14. Condition Dual Wield

    Hi there, I am confused how to make condition which applies effect(DMG boost) only if character is dual wielding Example i would want to have: 1-Character has equipped 1 Sword = his basic attack + attack from weapon - THIS IS NORMAL STAT IN GAME 2- Character has equipped 2nd Sword into 2nd...
  15. rechronicle

    JS Condition check the Switch/Variable current value

    Hello, I am having trouble with SRD_HUD Maker. I have tried to go to script call list, but it seems different. This field (see attachment) requires a condition to fill in the blank. How to write "switch x is true/false" in JS? I might also need to check "variable x value = n". Having trouble...
  16. TheObermotz1

    Skipping a turn in combat.

    How does one inflict a condiction on one of their own characters AND deal damage to an enemy with the same ability in the same turn? From what I can see, it's only possible to inflict a condition on your enemy (and your enemy only) as you're attacking them or inflict a condition on yourself but...
  17. Runako

    Event Occurs Based only if Skill Type is in Party

    Hello everybody!!! :kaohi: Its 12:48 am and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm grinding diligently on my RPG.:kaopride: So, I did have a question on how to do something: How can I unlock different events depending on if a Skill Type is in the party. For example: Skill type: Prayer...
  18. XGuarden

    Check if leader have a specific skill

    Hi, I want to put a conditional brench that check if the current team leader have a specific skill. Idealy that will be a script condition, but im hoppen to all suggestion. It's for us inside HIME custum page condition. Thanks.
  19. XGuarden

    Pluggin for change tab conditions

    Hi everybody, in RPG maker, ach tab can b activate with specific condition like switch, variable, player in team,self switch. Unfortunatly, variable condition only autorize "egal and greater". For unknow reason RPG Maker team did't think that will be usefull to add more comparaison option. I...
  20. Learn skill condition JS code help please

    Hello. I'm using yanfly's skill learn core. I have a skill that I don't want available for learning to the class, unless a specific weapon is equipped. <Learn Require Eval> value = false; var wpn = $game_actorId(this).weaponId().value; if (wpn === 7) value = true; </Learn Require Eval> I...

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