conditional branch

  1. _Soysauce_

    Script call check if a variable is even or odd

    Hi everyone, I've been wanting to make a simple conditional branch where I would check if a variable is even or odd. At first I was thinking it wouldn't have been a big deal, as I could simply check if the variable can be divided by 2 and check the result. Then I realized there's no basic...
  2. UnderYourCloset

    Terrax Lighting action key for on/off?

    I'm using Terrax lighting, and I figured out how I can make it look like a flashlight. Basically I wanna be able to press a key to turn it on, then press the same key to turn it off. I was experimenting with conditional branches but the problem is it only works if I have on as one button, and...
  3. Kristina

    Yanfly Smart Jump disable to learned

    I've been trying to make this work, but I'm now lost... I got the plugins: Smart Jump and Button Common Event. Now, I want the players to only be able to jump after a certain situation: in this case, a character who teach the player how to jump by a press of a button. So I want to only make...
  4. PhxFire

    Equip Battle Skills (YEP)

    Is there a way to check if a skill is equipped? I wanna make a conditional branch in the tutorial that checks if the skill is equipped... If (Skill) is equipped Continue Else Show Text Is this possible?
  5. PhxFire

    Need help with a conditional branch

    So basically I have a conditional branch reliant on a variable switch If switch is on: (Do this) *parallel* Else: (Say this) *action button* Is this possible and if so how? Otherwise I'll just have to clone the map and transfer the player to the other one after the event.
  6. tale

    mo-to - Conditional Branch in Partymember

    Conditional_branch_in_Partymember - 2015-11-07 Creator name: mo-to Overview Condition branch to check something in your party How-to use 4th page of conditional branch: Fill in the script with this format- $gameParty.~(id)or(name) Ex.) Name of one of the current party members, Harold...
  7. Actor Level?

    Hello, I'm still rather new to using Rpg Maker MV. Since that's aside now, I was wondering if there was/is a way to detect a player/actor level before doing something In the game I'm making im using an assortment of plugins, one is yanfly's to increase player cap from 99. I want to add an...
  8. Animebryan

    How to check for 'no weapon equipped'

    I'm running conditional branches to check for every instance of each weapon. But I also need to check for if there's no weapon equipped, but the conditional branch option for a weapon doesn't allow to check for an empty slot. Is there a script call to do this?
  9. "Button Press" Conditional Branch not working/freezing game

    I'm not really sure where to post this sorry, but I really really need help :kaoswt2: So what I've been trying to do is make it so that when the player touches an event, a picture comes up along with text boxes to go along with it. I've got the picture and the text under control, but I want to...
  10. Help with Conditional Branch BGS Event

    So I'm trying to make it so that when the player transfers to a certain room that has a baby, a BGS will play of the baby crying. If you choose to kill the baby, upon re-entering the room, the BGS won't play. If you don't kill the baby the BGS will play when you re-enter. Right now I have it...
  11. Koi

    Need help with comment event input.triggers

    So I'm trying to make a notebook item that you can open up and flip through the pages. I've already got the images for each page created, and I was trying to use input.trigger script conditional branches and variables to navigate the book. Hopefully you can see what I was trying to do. Click...
  12. Conditional branch using Event's Region_ID

    Hi! Is there a way to make a conditional branch that checks wether or not THIS event is in a given region? The event is moving by a move route within itself as a paralell process. When it enters a region I would like it to behave different by controlling a self switch. I'm guessing there...
  13. kartacha

    A few questions for a puzzle game

    I am posting new questions to this thread regularly! Q&A: My initial thread: Hi guys, so I am having some ideas for a puzzle games and I figured out I will be using MV since I own it and since I am familiar with how RPG Maker works in general. I have a few questions that I need to figure...
  14. The007who

    ANY items in the inventory?

    Hi all, is there a way to check if the player has ANY items in the inventory? Something like a script line in a conditional branch?
  15. QuizicalGin

    Trying to mimic something from an MV tutorial in Ace

    For anyone that does scripting could I maybe get a clue as to what I'm doing wrong with this call? :kaodes: Attempt 1: $game_player.x(18) && $game_player.y(16) && $game_player.direction(8) && $game_map.map_id(6) Attempt 2: $game_player.x = 18 && $game_player.y = 16 && $game_player.direction =...
  16. Learning a Skill from an Item

    Hello, This is a rather complicated task for me as I am not that good at js and I tend to do things the hard way. I’m developing a game in which the party collects stone tablets. Party members can learn skills by using these tablets. That is easy but... I would like a member to be able to...
  17. piksalh

    Conditional branch if key is only pressed for a short time, but not being holded

    Howdy, Is it possible to set that conditional branch in the common parallel event will only activate if specific key is pressed for a short time, but not if being holded? Because strange things happens if player holds the key. Normally this event should not repeat and would end after one cycle...
  18. DrinkableTrees

    Conditional Branch for Item Requirement.

    Hey RMMV community! I've been playing with a new conditional branch absolutely necessary for certain mechanics of my game and it doesn't seem to be processing well. The source of where I found this script was here: I've...
  19. amptcat

    [help] Conditional choices based on who's in party

    Okay, so i have a script that lets me bind the T key to bring up a choice menue (in common events) How i want this to function is to have conversations with the current party members, so: Press T - shows each party member Select party member - start conversation tree progress as usual. So far...
  20. Koi

    Can't use item unless another is present

    I'm going to assume that this would require a script, so here I am. In my game you don't use skills to attack, you scavenge for items. One of the items is a slingshot, and then you find the ammo elsewhere. Is it possible to make it so that the ammo item cannot be used unless the slingshot is in...

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