conditional states

  1. Arctorius

    How to make conditional status effects/ailments

    Thanks for checking this thread! Like the title says, Is there a way to add conditions to the status effects a character or enemy can acquire? What I'm trying to make is, for example, you have a skill that applies "Poisoned", but if the target already has the "Poisoned" state it instead applies...
  2. Conditional State if User Evade

    Hello, I'm using plugins of Yanfly (Battle Core, Buff and Sate, Skill Core etc....) I want to know how i can do a passive state where it react if the user do an evasion. For exemple, if my character evade from a skill, i want him to win a buff or a state. Is there a formule for my passive...
  3. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Hime's conditional states script

    Hello, I'm using Hime's conditional states script and I'm trying to create an attack adds a differente state depending of user's speed, the condition would be this (not sure if it's relevant, but it's a skill does damage as well): if user's AGI/10 = to 1, it'd add the state id 11 if AGI/10 = 2...
  4. [Ace] Help with Tsukihime's Conditional States

    The tutorial provided with the script states the following: Assuming you have two states Weak Poison (12) and Strong Poison (13), you can create a conditional state (14) that will add Strong Poison if Weak Poison is already applied, or apply Weak Poison otherwise. <conditional state> if...

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