1. Banjo

    Creating a simple virtual "deck of cards"?

    I know there are custom plugins for complex CCGs and card game minigames, but that's not what I need. Instead, here's what I want to do... 1) There are four different card "types" (for example: earth, fire, wind, water). 2) Sitting on a table is a "deck" of cards that contains the following 8...
  2. Ryubix

    Capacities or attacks with conditions.

    Hello, I have a problem about a capacity (and maybe other attacks and/or capacities in further development), because I don't know how to make it work. So, in my project (who is a crossover between multiple RPG or visual novel franchises), I have a common capacity to all Danganronpa characters...
  3. impliedwolf

    Getting an event to respond to 4 switches?

    I was going to ask a question about how to get these switches to turn on but I solved that. But now I am having a problem with coding an object so that it appears when 4 switches are turned on, right now I have these lines that don't work: I have events that appear when each individual switch...
  4. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Skill Core

    ICF-Soft Skill Core - Version 1.00 by ICF-Soft Introduction This plugin allows to give skill costs, conditions and skill variations. Features Custom skill conditions. Custom skill costs. Skill variations. How to Use It needs ICF-Soft Main Utility to work. Like other plugins it works...
  5. Tsar CUBE

    Arrays In Variables And How To Check If Value Is Present In Array!?

    Hello! I have noticed that it is possible to set a whole bunch of interesting things to be present inside a Variable from one of the threads on this forum :) What I need to know is how to add values to a Variable that holds a given array and then how to check if that value is present. I need...
  6. TheObermotz1

    Weapon Type Conditions

    Sorry for troubling you folks, but I've run into a problem, I can't solve on my own. The situation is the following: In my current project I want to include crates/chests that have to be pried open, before they can be lootet. The way it's supposed to work, is a condition checking if anyone in...
  7. Frankster300

    What does RPG Maker own when it comes to your content? (Dev Input?)

    Note: I'm using "RPG Maker" as the general term for the company that owns this website. I dont know the real company (companies?) that own this website, but i am referencing them when it comes to saying RPG Maker. So as a child of two parents who went to law school... i find this in the terms...
  8. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Hime's Cover condition script

    Hello. I'm using Hime's Cover condition script and I'd like to add some cover conditions to certain character. I'd like some help to set them. 1) This character will cover all allies who are under 20% of Max HP 2) This character will cover allies only from physical attacks 3) This character...
  9. Benja

    [SOLVED] Error with Himeworks' Enemy Action Conditions

    Hi. I'm having some trouble using Himeworks script. I'm attempting to make an attack that damages and inflicts a status effect, and won't use it again if you still have the status effect. Unfortunately, any use of <action condition: 35> or </action condition>, no matter what's in it, triggers...
  10. TheObermotz1

    Skipping a turn in combat.

    How does one inflict a condiction on one of their own characters AND deal damage to an enemy with the same ability in the same turn? From what I can see, it's only possible to inflict a condition on your enemy (and your enemy only) as you're attacking them or inflict a condition on yourself but...
  11. Conditions in the "Move event" command

    Description of the Feature: The "Move Event" command was designed, I believe, targeting scenes with fixed and predefined routes. It would be of great use if it also allowed varied movements, and could be used in mini-games and the like. Excluding: Currently the command has the option of "Stop...
  12. Cannot read property 'conditions' of null.

    I keep getting an error message: "Cannot read property 'conditions' of null." Does anyone know how to fix it? I placed my error report below. index.html:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: True is not defined pixi.js:24595 Pixi.js 4.0.3 - ✰ WebGL ✰ ♥♥♥...
  13. Eureka! Non-Auto Switches & Variable Switches

    I have just figured out how to use variable switches and non-auto switches! Any code you create with the Event Editor(i.e. Transfer Player or Play SE, etc.), can become a switch for that code by simply checking one of the switch checkboxes under "Conditions". Let's say for example, I want my...
  14. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Enemies Core

    ICF-Soft Enemies Core - Version 1.00b by ICF-Soft Introduction Add different variations to enemies that can affect traits, hue, image, exp, gold, name, etc. You can also add classes for them with traits. Plus you can give more conditions to enemy actions and add actions to classes and...
  15. dnel57

    Event execution problem

    I have pored over this for two days,now,and cannot figure this one out. (not that I'm a pro by any means) I have an event that has three parts A,B,C. The first part I used the last item that I obtained as the condition. It is an item that you cannot avoid getting in the game,nor can...
  16. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Enemy Troops Extension

    ICF-Soft Enemy Troops Extension - Version 1.00 by ICF-Soft Introduction This plugin allows more conditions to battle events and to concatenate troops. This is similar to ICF-Soft Event Extension, made to work with troops. I've decided to separate this because of the diferences between...
  17. How do I Make Conditional, One-Time Events?

    So, I'm pretty new to this RPG Maker scene but am enjoying creating a world and characters but I'm having trouble making conditional events. Specifically, the event I want to create is something like this: -> Move to B -> (Text is shown) cannot pass B without activating A -> Activate...
  18. Bahamut20

    Conditional Branch for Weapon Type?

    I would like to set a conditional branch to the weapon type ID the actor is equipping. Is that possible somehow?
  19. Ashtonion

    Conditional Branch to if Actor is using a move?

    I have voice recordings that I want to apply to each of my skills for characters, and it plays a voice clip whenever they enact the skill. I'm doing this by using common events that play the recording on the skill. The problem is: some actors and monsters share the same skills, and I don't want...
  20. Tsukihime

    Effect Conditions

      In RPG Maker, you can assign effects to items or skills. Effects are special behaviors that occur when the item or skill is successfully executed.   For example, you can create a "Poison" skill that has a 50% chance to add a "Poison" state to the target, or you can create a "Skill...

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