1. Dwesper

    Guide: How to write conflict

    The goal in a story is not to make your main character a hero, but to make the character go through conflict. In a short term, conflict is based upon many things. It can be inside the character or outside. •Inside: Goals, Fears,mindset,memories and so on.. •Outside: Vilain, enemies...
  2. Guardinthena

    RMMV Conflict Issue with Yanfly's Move Route Core and Yanfly's Save Event Location

    So, I just ran into the strangest thing. I have spent two days setting up daily routines for the 'NPC' events in my village using Yanfly's Move Route Core (link here), and just realized that when when I leave the map and re-enter the villagers reset. Well, that wouldn't do. So I nabbed...
  3. VesperCire

    Conflict between some of Yanfly's plugins and SRD Supertools

    I recently installed SumRndmDde's Supertools plugin, and soon after I encountered a huge bug, being that I was unable to open the Skills, Equip, Status and Formation menus for the first party member. When doing so, I would receive this message: This wouldn't occur for any of the other party...
  4. Almightypebble

    SRD Super Tools Engine & YEP Core Engine

    Hey, guys! So I've been having the issue with the SRD Super Tools Engine where when i press F12 the menu doesn't appear. I've figured out it conflicts with YEP Core Engine and specifically the screen resolution. For some reason those settings between the plugins conflict and prevent the menu...
  5. Yanfly's TurnOrderDisplay bugs after using Yanfly's ChangeBattleEquip!

    So TurnOrderDisplay is working just fine in my game, showing who's going to attack next and all. However, after I close the "Equip Window" (it let's you change equips during battle) provided by ChangeBattleEquip, the TurnOrderDisplay HUD just dissappears and never refreshes again. So... I wanted...
  6. Lee Sang

    SRD AutoUpdate and Iavra Localization plugins conflict

    Hello. I'm using 2 plugins which are SRD AutoUpdate nad Iavra Localization, but unfortunately, these two plugins conflict each other. Below here is the error that occurred. You can click on the links above to see the plugins. And here is what shown in the console log. I think the problem...
  7. FarenhiteGR64

    Faren's Modern Conflict Pack - Rocket and Grenade Launchers

    A QUICK NOTE If you haven't heard of this, please visit this post: - this should get you up to speed. Anyways, this is a follow-up to the vaunted Modern Conflict Pack, a project that I...
  8. FarenhiteGR64

    Faren's Modern Conflict Resource Pack for RPG Maker MV

    NOTE 1: This post will be edited from time to time for additional content whenever possible. NOTE 2: Due to the new system limiting how many pictures I can upload to this message, I will now place existing and new pictures within a zip file much later on. You can consider the pictures that you...
  9. dnel57

    Mapping problem

    Can someone tell me how to correct or avoid this? I removed the shadow.Just looks worse. Thanks  
  10. defunct-user


    What is your biggest struggle or what blocks you the MOST as a developer? Say it, and maybe, just maybe, as a community, we might be able to help eachother. OR... we might be able to understand eachother more. Maybe you AREN'T alone in how you feel as a developer or with what you struggle...

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