1. Xyonel

    console running even if false

    even with the open console false in yanfly's core engine plugin I still have a console opened, I think that's about extdot plugin(yanfly) how to deactivate that?
  2. Theoretically, could RM games be ported to consoles? What are the hurdles?

    I know this will never happen (at least, not for anything pre-MV), but out of mere curiosity: could an RPG Maker game be ported to consoles like PS4 or Switch, in theory? MV is the most likely out of all RMs to be somewhat feasible if I were to guess, but how about even VX Ace? Or an older RM...
  3. BlueMage

    Global search for a function?

    Hi there, i want to ask if there is any way (through console?) to do a Global search for something. Like a function to see which plugins has defined it?
  4. tale

    Show Plugins Usage

    ShowPluginsUsage - 2018/09/23 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Plugin for showing plugins usage in console Features After installation, list of plugins that are unused/on/off shown in console Version compatibility- RPG Maker MV 1.6 or higher Preview Plugin preview- Credit and...
  5. Isabella Ava

    Is console window a build in function of MV?

    Hi, is Console window that open when we press F8 is a built-in system of MV? It's just so very convenient to have this Window, because beside of displaying Errors, it even allow Users to check objects' properties/ functions/ .... Now that when i using some other Game Engines those also written...
  6. Text input within or over message box

    Hello, I'm making a game wherein the player has to type keywords into a computer terminal, DOS/console style, and sometimes chat with NPCs through it. I was wondering if there is a way to allow for text input within the message box, possibly even with a little blinking cursor at the beginning...
  7. Tuomo L

    Console optimizations to consider?

    Hello, I will convert my game into PS4 compatible in near future and was looking for any other people's experiences and suggestions of things I should do before hand and any common pitfalls to avoid? Before 9500 people say it, I'm already an authorized Sony partner so no need to tell me it'll...
  8. Llareian

    Print version number to console on boot

    Description of the Feature: Have the version number print to the console upon opening the game, similar to how the PIXI version number is currently printed to console. (This is similar to Andar's suggestion for the editor, but slightly different because that this affects the game/playtest...
  9. Zalerinian

    Console Trace - Create an Error Log

    Console Trace 1.0.0 ~ Zalerinian Introduction Getting error information from players sometimes seems harder than pulling teeth, but it doesn't have to! ConsoleTrace is a small, light-weight utility that will write a log of console output to a file to create a log for deployed games. Instead of...
  10. l3m35

    Underscore prefixes in vars

    This: Both .level and ._level are accessible, and as I just read here, it's not a Javascript thing, just a convention (that I don't know why it's used in this case). My doubt is: is there any difference using one or another? Like: $gameParty.members()[0]._level Or it should be...
  11. Jonforum

    ECC: Easy Console Coloratrix v2.1

    □────────────□-{ ECC: EASY CONSOLE.LOG COLORATRIX LIBS FOR RMMV }-□────────────□ @author □ Jonathan Lepage (@dimisterjon),(@Jonforum) @plugindesc Manager color syntax for debug easy fast consol.log coloration * V.2.1 * License:© M.I.T...
  12. Jonforum

    console.table (data [, columns]); (SOLVED)

    hi guys , did you know a trick to make work console.table(data [, columns]); in the current console debug from chrome rmmv ??? if you have tricks , tanks to share. works fine in my browser but not in rmmv console. I find the result super pretty, I would like to be able to use it also in the...
  13. Rink27

    Question: Output Console Log Copy

    Hi. Personally, I don't really like the thought of burdening someone with making a plugin for me, so I'm first asking to see if anything similar exists and hopefully if someone can explain how difficult or easy it can be to achieve? (I haven't find anything like a plugin for this) Currently I...
  14. Rink27

    Adding colour to Console.log

    Is it possible? For example: console.log("\C[10]Test"); outputs Test in the relevant colour. Or is there any other way to make certain console logs to stand out more besides you being creative?
  15. Dalph

    Your PC and Console History

    A couple of days ago I was searching for old computer parts on eBay and since building computers from 0 has always been both my hobby and a small side job, I figured it would be interesting to share my PC and Console history. Feel free to add in this thread your personal history with computers...
  16. miksva44

    Console plugin?

    Hi I'm trying to find a plugin that allows you to opens a console for a (deployed) game, not a (playtest). @Andar told me that ´s what I need to get a screenshot of the error, but I have not been able to find one, can someone help me...
  17. Jonforum

    Tips and Tricks on console.log (consoleDebug) [solved]

    What is your advice or trick for the console.log. I have a small problem that makes debugging difficult, especially when I need to get information during an UPDATE process. How do you deal with the debug console during console.log inside a update(LOOP) processes. The only trick I have found is...
  18. lixerman99

    Is there a way to open an interactive console for a running game? [SOLVED]

    Is there a way to make an interactive, script accepting console like this for MV? As far as I know F8's console is only to feedback information for debugging. Any answers are much appreciated!
  19. Soulnet

    Loading Game Error

    Trying to load a game doesn't seem to be working for me. Using the console it comes up with this; TypeError: Cannot read property 'step' of null message: "Cannot read property 'step' of null" stack: (...) get stack: function () { [native code] } set stack: function () { [native code]...
  20. Posraksha

    How to make a console

    How to implement such a system: If you enter "connect" and press "Enter" key, write "login was successful!" At the same time, once placed every character "_". In this case, if the input of another command, he writes: "Unknown command!" PS And each team with a new line!

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