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    Options menus, accessibility and content warnings

    Howdy folks! I've been busy cracking away with the yanfly options core plugin and building a more comprehensive options menu. I'm here because of accessibility options. Now, we all know about colourblind modes and epilepsy friendly modes, but for one woman bands like mine, knowing what sorts...

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Minecraft Tiles, Maid Day, Custom Menu, Retry at GameOver, Save in Appdata | RPG Maker News #36

side view special bust.png
Reworking the art for the 'special busts' in important game dialogue. Potentially replacing the more 'dead-on' look of the original:
Me: Imma work on my game! Let's get some progress done
Me, five minutes later smoking a cigarette: *screams into the void*
Just got back from work... I got to recommend a dish I liked to a group of senior ladies, and they said they'd order it for dessert! What was it? CHURROS! It's one of my favorite desserts at my workplace.
What's your favorite dessert? I'll eat any pastry with cinnamon and sugar, but especially churros. And then there's chocolate... omg, so good!
Is it just me, or are img tags suddenly broken on the forum?

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