1. Edilsonsoares

    How to remove some continue on title screen without plugins

    I'm using galv's new game plus, and as my game is short I need to remove the option to continue from the title screen, I tried to take it with title screen plugins, but as they "create" another title screen I can't use it anymore Galv's new game plus, so I was wondering if you can remove this...
  2. tale

    Easy Continue (Continue from previous save after Game Over)

    Easy Continue (Continue from previous save after Game Over) 2014/06/12 Creator name: Nana Overview If there's a save file, you can continue where you last lefted off after Game Over. Features 2 work types to choose from under initial setting- 0 - Continue from last save/ cancel if no save...
  3. SpookyFace66

    Unable to continue game?

    I started a brand new project on RPG Maker and I've already put at least 48 hours of work into it. I encountered a bug just today and I don't know how to fix it. Simply put, it's doing this: No matter if you have any save files inside the game folder, the game won't let you continue. And when I...
  4. AdamSakuru

    Load Game/Continue Game event switch

    In games like Metroid Fusion/Super Metroid, event processing changes in something like a save room when you load your game from there. Sometime a couple years ago, I'd asked a question regarding this with ACE on another forum and someone wrote up some code. Essentially, it had a switch that...
  5. TriceratopsX

    I need to save the world! Where was I?

    Alright so when a player leaves a game unfinished for a while (days, weeks, months) before coming back to finish it, how do you guys remind them of where they were in the story? (current events/quests)
  6. twistedMind

    Save Continue Issue

    Can someone help to solve my save game problem  :(  I can't continue to complete my game with the issue right now. The problem is I can save my game manually but cannot continue or load my game from the main menu. The continue only greyed out, so why I can save the game if in the end I cannot...
  7. Rikifive

    Pause Music/Sounds When Game is Out of Focus

    When the game loses focus either by minimalizing or clicking outside the window, the game pauses itself, but the BGM/BGS still plays. Is it possible to pause at least BGM when game is out of focus and unpause when getting back to the game?  Or make it not pause anything at all ~ game...
  8. Satariel

    Dark Souls continue at bonfire

    Hi, Im working on a ABS project which uses Khas's Awesome "Sapphire Action System IV" and  GGSlayer's "Dark Souls System". I've got them to work pretty good together and has most of the wanted features done, but I want some help with how it handles your death. My request: I want it to...
  9. Sausage_Boi

    Remove 'Continue' Option From the Title Screen

    Is it possible to remove the "Continue" choice from the title screen? I have made a few short games, and continue really has no place in them, so I was hoping I could comment it out or something. Thanks for your help!
  10. Sausage_Boi

    Changing Title Screen Commands

    Hey everybody! I was wondering if there was any way to change the default title screen options from "New Game" and "Continue" and "Shutdown" into something more custom. I tried modifying the window commands but I just broke the game. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  11. MeowFace

    Continue Only Title Scene

    Made for a request here. Features: This script overwrite the title to "continue only". Upon pressing confirm button, it directly start a game when there's no save file, or open the load screen when save file is detected. How to Use: [1] Paste this script below Material and above Main. [2]...
  12. KanaX

    Script Call line continuation

    I'm creating a script call command, which is rather large and doesn't fit in the Script Box window. Obviously, in its current form it gives me an error, so I tried looking up some Ruby tutorials as to how to break a line into two by using "/', but that didn't work either. How can I continue a...
  13. Please Continue my Work

    Hello and welcome to my first thread ever in these forums!  :D   :D   :D   A long time ago i acquired RPG Maker Vx Ace. I have fooled around with it for a while but never really made a real project. However i did create one that i put quite a lot of work into as it was my first every...
  14. Silent Darkness

    Item-Based Continue System/save removal upon game over

    I can't quite seem to figure a way to make it so that upon all party members dying, a check is run, so that if at least one of a particular item is in your inventory, that instead of the standard game over screen, you are given the choice to use up one of said item to "continue"(I.E, near death...
  15. RenegadeForce

    Moving the title screen options

    Hey... Whats up? I was wondering for my upcoming game if it was possible to move the title screen options (new game, continue, exit...etc) to the far right-handside of the screen instead of the middle.... I plan to have a saddened soldier (on the far right) standing on a mountain using is...
  16. Klyts

    Bug with the 'Continue' command

    First things first, English is far from being my mother tongue (French guy here), so excuse me for any possible mistakes and spelling errors  :blush: I discovered RPG Maker VX ACE a few months ago, but until recently, I didn't really try anything serious, but I finally find a motivating...

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