1. Alistair

    AP - Enemy Action Control

    Enemy Action Control This plugin allows for greater control over the actions that enemies take during battle. By default we are limited to one condition per skill and the conditions given in the Maker do not include crucial things like checking if any enemy is afflicted by a state or not. To...
  2. ovate

    Picture Button, Don't Touch Region [system related]

    Picture Button - 2015/11/05 (Ver1.02) Creator name: tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/) Overview Start a common event by touch (mouse click) on the picture Requires the use of Show Picture event. Be sure set something up for specified common event Features: A picture that contains the...
  3. ovate

    Touch Target Select (touch compatibility)

    MPP_TouchTargetSelect - 2020/03/08 (ver. 1.9) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Select characters by touch in battle target selection. Features - Character/ enemy selection with touch control - Parameter for cursor position adjustment - Control the speed for rotation/ animation width -...
  4. How to disable/change the ctrl key to skip

    Is there any way to disable or change the "hold ctrl key" to skip through the game? I went into common events for "toggle skip" "toggle log" and "toggle auto message" and tried editing them but that didn't impact it and I don't see anything else that sounds like it'd effect it. Does anywhere...
  5. ovate

    PlayerShiftTurn (Turnaround)

    PlayerShiftTurn - Version 1.0.1 (2016/07/09) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Player can turnaround Features - While holding a certain key [shift by default], change direction of player's facing from arrow key. - Parameter for KeyName control (shift or control or tab) - Player does not have...
  6. ovate

    Scrolling Text Speed Control

    Scrolling Text Speed Control 2014/10/09 Creator name: Nana Overview A script that controls the speed of a scrolling text by pressing a certain key. Features - Speed setting for 3 button controls (A, B, C) and default speed. Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script...
  7. ovate

    Non-View Battle Message

    Non-View Battle Message - 2015/12/02 (ver. 1.1) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Controls which message that shouldn't display on battles. By leaving them blank, specified message won't be shown. ●Supported message list * Emerge * Preemptive * Surprise * Escape Start * Escape Failure *...
  8. kn1000a

    [SOLVED] Will this kind of route format doable in VNM

    Hello, I am very new to making visual novels in general. I heard about the newly-released VNM and want to try something with it, but I was wondering if the kind of routing format I have in mind is possible or not, before I start buying the engine and writing the script for the game: I'll...
  9. kongu2910

    Attack Scaling w/ Other Parameter Rates

    I am attempting to create a formula to calculate ATK that takes the parameter rates for both ATK and AGI into account. I'm currently using Yanfly's Base Parameter Control plugin to try and attempt this. Here is an excerpt from the formula I'm using to achieve this: base * user.hit * 10.41 +...
  10. fjkv

    YEP - Selection Control Help

    Hi, I'm a beginner working on my first RPG Maker MV project and I've encountered a problem attempting to create a battle system with multiple rows. I'm trying to make a battle system with 5 rows where melee attacks target only the first row, and ranged attacks target only the back 4 rows. I'm...
  11. Flame Retardant

    My character won't move?

    I'm early in the development of my first serious project, and when I try to playtest it, the character sprite won't move at all. Controls work from the main menu, and when I do a battle test from the troops tab of the database, I experience no problems. But for some reason, the character won't...
  12. Rink27

    Yanfly's Counter Control + Multiple Elements ??

    Elements defined within counter conditions cannot check for additional elements added via <Multiple Elements: x> ... at least in my experience. Example: I have a skill whose element is designated as "Water" and an additional element designated via: <Multiple Elements: Sword>. However, the...
  13. Yanfly ClassBaseParam and Subclass Plugins Not Playing Nice?

    Hey guys, Not sure if this was meant to be a feature or if I'm over looking something. I'm using Yanfly plugins.  ClassChangeCore, Subclass, BaseParamControl, and ClassBaseParam.  I set up some Custom class parameters in the Class Note for Warrior. <Custom Class Parameters>...
  14. Sixth

    Control Configuration System - v1.5 (04/07/2017)

    #=============================================================================== # * [ACE] Control Configuration System - Manual And Install Notes #=============================================================================== # * Made by: Sixth (www.rpgmakervxace.net...
  15. Shikuroshi

    Limit Number of Followers (without changing battle party)

    Hello, I've run into a bit of a hurdle with my game. I have made my character sprites fairly large and with four followers the screen can look a bit cramped. However I do not want to give up all of my followers to only have one character on the screen. I was hoping that someone knew of or could...
  16. Demimura

    GodKin - Humanities Fall

    Im at the start of designing a game for MV What i hope to have: Transformations (at least 5 per person which is 4) more or less figured out how to do this Handmade Character graphics made by me(might need someone to do the battle graphics if i get LMB going) in the middle of desgining the...
  17. Help with Yanfly's Counter Control

    I am using a ton of Yanfly's scripts (they're great) and have recently begun developing skills for my characters. The first I'm working on is counterattack based class, so I've been trying to get Counter Control to work. For the life of me, I can't even get the most basic part of it to work...
  18. Hawkadium

    Go to Previous Map

    Hey there, I made a map that I want to use several times.  Getting to this map is fine, but returning the player to where he/she was before has eluded me thus far. I went over the scripts, checked YouTube and the Forums.  Can anyone shed some light on how I can back to the previous map...
  19. LynX

    Attack value without weapon attack power to variable

    Hi Im in need of script call to set variable only with attack of character: but without the weapon power is there a way to it ?   I was thinking about something like that... $game_variables[n] = $game_actors[n].atk - $game_actors[1].equips[0].id ??
  20. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    Simple Follower Control by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.1   Introduction: This simple plugin will allow you some control over your followers.   Features:Set whether events collide with your followers. (Perfect for On Map Encounters) Move your followers through the Set Movement Route...

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