1. Wavelength

    Mouse Movement Inconsistencies

    Just played the demo "game" on the Pre-Order page - MV feels very smooth and familiar.  Good stuff. However, there seem to be few inconsistencies with Mouse Movement.  I figured I'd bring it up here just in case there might still be time to fix it before release. In the video below, where I...
  2. Clockwarkgate

    Player Movement Glitch for RPG Maker VX

    My character keeps moving left,. but i can still move up/down and open the menu. already tried doing an empty project but it still glitches. EDIT; New problem, it seems that left button is not functioning in item menu.
  3. Torqus

    Activating switches with Keyboard Controls

    Hi everyone. I'm kinda new in all this "game making" stuff, and I mostly do it for fun. Also I'm learning a lot watching tutorials and looking for solutions to my problems when I reach the limit of my little knowledge. So first of all I want to give my thanks to both developers and people...
  4. Gothic Lolita

    Victor Sant script problem

    The script that causes the problem, is the Visual Equipment script of Victor Sant. It works so far, but I get this error message: It also inflicts the Character Control somehow for sure. But how and how to fix it, I don't know. It works to put a "#" in front of that line, but then no graphics...
  5. Archeia

    Archeia's Advanced AI Conditions

    Advanced AI Conditions Version 1.0c   What is this? This script allows the developper to exert better control on how the AI handles the enemies' action patterns. Script configuration is almost entirely made via noteboxes and no RGSS3 knowledge is required to use it.   Features and Instructions...
  6. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Dekita elemental control & Hime elemental status info

    Hello, I have a question, I'm using both scripts: Dekita elemental control (https://dekitarpg.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/d13x-elemental-control/) and Hime elemental status info (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/3708-elemental-status-info/) and there is a trouble Of course, the elemental...
  7. [ACE] Delete Yanfly battle log entries when it gets too full?

    Referring to https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Battle/Combat_Log_Display.rb there is a pause when loading the combat log during battle, and I suspect that there's a possibility that checking it after a very long battle or when there is already a lot of memory being used could cause...
  8. wrigty12

    Encounters determined by a variable

    I have a time system set up for a portion of my game. I use a variable to represent the current hour said time is. Is there a way to make certain encounters only appear during certain "hours"( i.e. when a variable is a certain value range?) For example: When variable is from 10-18, daytime...
  9. wrigty12

    Auto Move Player right, but control Up and Down

    I am working on a minigame idea. The main logic behind this game is: 1)Your character is automatically moving to the right (you have no control in the left/right direction). 2)You can control your character moving up or down while moving to the right to dodge objects. 3)If you hit an object...
  10. BlackRoseMii

    Control follower problem

    (Yet another script problem...) I have a problem with Victors "Follower Control" script. After I use a simple control (show ball icon) and transfering both to a different place on the same map, my follower doesn't move. It can still transfer to other places, but it stops following the player...
  11. Automatic Battle Help

    I'm wondering how I can make like an automated battle between two character that doesn't involve the main character. Is there any way  I can do this? If I need to be more specific I will.  I appreciate your help

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