1. How do you script movement of two or more characters at the same time?

    Its not quite clear how to move 2 characters at the same time from and to fixed positions. Within the tutorials for RPG Maker MV users are shown how to script the movement of single characters at a time to fixed positions. In the tutorials, users are also shown how to have multiple characters...
  2. Mactadilis

    How to make conversation repeatable?

    I have a quest which has multiple choices involving story (ask for direction, ask for money etc.) Conversation will always end in either "Accept quest" or "Decline quest". If user accepts quest I can easily proceed with programming and switches, but I'm stuck in thinking how to repeat that whole...
  3. Alex_Cf

    Text input during coversation with NPC

    Hi all, I'm new to this. I've been thinking to make educational RPG game for the kids. Can anyone actually guide me if there's any possible way to make text input during conversation with NPC ? Like the quiz which requires text input? For example the NPC ask a question and requires player to...
  4. Runako

    Conversation Cooldown

    Hey, good morning everyone! In my game I run a tight conversation system where players interact with NPCs and they are given multiple conversation options: they can listen, respond, or initiate conversation. As they communicate with NPCS, they lose or gain points. With that said, How do I...
  5. Simcatico

    [HELP NEEDED] PermissionError: [WinError 5] Access is denied

    I need your help guys, im having a problem when building an APK... (see the image) it said "Access is denied" what should i do now? My Java, Ant, Python, and Android SDK etc. Path are all in right place. Here is the Full cmd: error : -------------- Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]...
  6. amptcat

    [help] Conditional choices based on who's in party

    Okay, so i have a script that lets me bind the T key to bring up a choice menue (in common events) How i want this to function is to have conversations with the current party members, so: Press T - shows each party member Select party member - start conversation tree progress as usual. So far...
  7. Rhino

    Talking Character Busts!

    Hello! I’d like to request a plugin to make talking character busts possible! The basic role of this plugin is to show a looping animation for as long as text characters are being drawn in the message window. There’s no ‘vanilla’ way to do this with eventing. I think talking busts would be an...
  8. Conversation systems?

    So I've had an idea for an RPG for a while but i was having trouble deciding whether to use RPG Maker or use something like unity or unreal. So i was wondering if there is a way, either through scripts or something else, that I could have a conversation system where the NPC would ask you...
  9. Runako

    Advance Interaction Plugin (Pictures included)

    :kaohi: I am working on a game that makes a huge emphasis on interactions with NPCs. In my game, players will talk with NPCs for various reasons: to assemble them into their party, for healing, for stat increase, convert. For sake of distinction there are two different types of NPCs: Enemy...
  10. Cr1t1cal

    Multiple Map layers from note(Map on map)

    Hey I was wondering if someone could convert an vx ace script to a mv plugin? The script I would like converting is Multiple Map layers by vlue; The reason I would like this script converting is that it's not like the other layer plugins for mv. It's main function is to overlay one...
  11. How to change text font on certain conversations

    AS the title says how to change text font on certain convos like for exmeple someone talking in a creey voice needs a special font for it if you catch my drift ;)  
  12. _Shadow_

    Programming languages for beginners. Is Javascript all right?

    This thread is not directly related on coding or programming in Javascript, but on sharing thoughts about some things on Javascrpt, so I post it on General Lounge. First off a WARNING. I am neutal to Javascript. I love to hear different opinions and that is why  I create such threads. But if...
  13. Nekonron

    Chat History/Log

    I've been looking for a way to display dialog history (something like the one from Ace Attorney 5) where players can go through in case they missed something or went through the conversation too fast. I'm actually surprised that I couldn't find anything that can do this, or am I missing...
  14. Chester

    Having Sounds during a conversation

    Hi Everyone, If you guys recall from GBA games or others...Whenever there is a conversation going on, there is like a typewriter sound (or any other sound) that goes along with the text. Its hard for me to explain :( but I do hope you all understand what I am talking about. I need a script...
  15. Chester

    Start a conversation without stopping Player Movement

    Hello Everyone, How would one be able to start a conversation/event with the actor talking without making the Player stop his/her movement? Also is it possible to do this by pressing a button to activate the event? Such as whenever the Player would pass an area and then it would say "Press A to...
  16. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Have a conversation with Siri.

    Have a conversation with Siri the app on the phone, ipod, and whatnot. Or you can use any device like that Evi or others here's mine: Me: Hello Evi: Good afternoon. Me: Thank you. Evi: You're welcome. Me: What is your name? Evi: My name is Evi pronunced Eevee Me: My name is Monkeysnow55...
  17. Albaharu

    How to use bust instead of faces in conversations?

    Hello ! I was wondering how could I do something like this: I saw someone did a script for it :  but I dont know how to make it work :( I can play the demo that it shows how it work...
  18. Tigersong

    A little personal space

    I have a question about events. Is it possible to set up a conversation where the player stands a tile away from the speaker? The reason I ask is because it seems most games require you to be right up in someone's face in order to talk to them- clearly not natural.
  19. The Bird King

    Voice sound when text is drawn?

    Is there a script that would play a sound as text is being drawn on the screen, something similar to ds and gameboy rpgs where a mumble plays when characters talk, in the characters voice.
  20. dopeland

    Using Show Choices for conversational dialogue...

    Hey! So I have an event which begins a conversation. What I am trying to do is provide my actor with three choices. For all intents and purposes, lets call them A, B and C. So essentially, what I want to do is:   So, what I have so far is: I hope thats enough to go on.  Thanks!

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