1. RoooodWorks

    RMMV Heartbeat + Flashlight monitor HUD conversion

    Hi, I have a script made in VXACE and would like it to be converted to MV as I want to move my project to that. It's basically a heartbeat monitor that uses HP to monitor like in the resident evil games, with a flashlight add on that when used drains MP as battery(or variables), it shows for a...
  2. Zacyiia

    Converting Images to Icons (Icon Set)

    I would like to make Icons out of the above weapons. But seeing as simply scaling them down looks awful, I was wondering if there was a particular way to make icons out of these without losing too much of their quality.
  3. Oscar92player

    [CONVERSION] Battle Swirl Transition Effect [SOLVED]

    Hello, everyone! I'm in the need to request a plugin, a conversion of a script that I was using with RPG Maker VX and VX Ace. This plugin allowed the battle transition to be more "Final Fantasy-esque", since it creates a swirl effect when the game calls the battlestart. Here is a good example...
  4. LucasRiot

    Conversion some codes RGSS3 to Javascript

    Hello makers! I would like to know how to convert the codes below RGSS3 to Javascript: Conditions > script I found some pre-defined codes on this site But as I've never used Java, I've had doubts. If anyone can help, I appreciate it! ^^
  5. captainette777

    Do parallax backgrounds have to be in PNG format, or can JPEG work?

    I am converting files from VXAce to MV, I was wondering if those had to change too, and the Help file wasn't too specific.
  6. Wrongful

    RPG Maker 2003 tilesets to MV?

    I've been Googling around about this for a while now, and all I've found are some threads that died before the question could be answered, along with some app that doesn't really seem to help. What's the simplest, easiest way that I could convert some tilesets from 2k3 to MV?
  7. JtheDuelist

    Help converting an event from FES to MV?

    I have this time system in RPG Maker FES I want to transfer to MV, but need help doing so and some help would be nice. The system comes in two events- the first which simply starts the system once and only once: The FES event that starts the system (event is autorun): Display Variable on Top...
  8. VX Ace to MV Tileset conversion

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm looking into purchasing the following packs: - - - However, those packs are not...
  9. Is it possible to use MV char generator faces in VX ACE?

    As mentioned in the title, I would like to know if it is possible to use a face made in MV's character generator in VX Ace. If so, how can this be done?
  10. starlight dream

    RpgM2003 Rtp Recolours, Edits and some Conversions! (14.Oct.2017)

    Hello dear dreamers of the world and welcome, In this thread I'll be posting edited material of the RTP Graphics of RpgMaker 2K3... Most of it consists of recoloured graphics, but there are a few edits as well (by me) and a few conversions from other RpgMakers' RTP. Now The Boring Terms of...
  11. lixerman99

    Is there a script to create a distortion effect in XP?

    I was searching for a heat distortion effect for RPG MAKER XP, and found the following: I believe the script does what I would like, but the script is for VX. There is also a video which shows the effect: But this script is...
  12. BishoujoHelper

    When you realize what you're converting stinks?

    I had a sneaking suspicion years ago, when I was doing the first try at converting somebody else's game to another very similar game system, that what I'd gotten was a turkey. But I really was working only with the script files of events (to put it in RPG Maker terms), and the monster, skill and...
  13. BishoujoHelper

    RMMV The Bard's Lore (a BTCS conversion) - Beta Released

    The Bard's Lore: The Warrior and The Dragon SYNOPSIS: An old-school dungeon crawl is returned from the previous millenium in a new guise. No backstory, no character development, no building interiors. Just one main quest, minimal hand-holding, and unforgiving grinding. If you rage quit...
  14. Rest of the RM2K party to MV (and maybe the enemies too)

    Description of the Feature: It would be a graphichal pack containing the missing heroes from rm2k It would contain everything an MV character needs: walking animation, death pose, sv battler, faceset - and extra bust image because the rest of the party already have bust images Optionally this...
  15. jayray

    Photoshop Action - Medieval Sprites RMXP

    Yes, I still use RMXP, mainly for some projects, and I had already converted most of the High Fantasy series of sprites to RPG Maker XP to have all my sprites available for that engine. However, I wanted to ensure that the RMMV sprites looks at least SIMILAR in size and girth to those sprites...
  16. dudeguy119

    [VX] Need help converting Khas' Awesome Light Effects to VX

    So since Khas now allows editing and free use of his older scripts, and I am not really looking to part with VX due to the amount of work I put into it, I've been attempting to make Awesome Light Effects work in VX. I have a method to replace tags (not included in my in-progress script)...
  17. General_Cap

    2 Player Local Co-op Script Creation/Re-write Request. [Reward]

    We are looking for aid in creating a new local two player co-op script for a game we are making in RPG Maker VX ACE. If you are interested in helping, contact me on steam by adding General Cap, or by emailing me. We also have a personal discord server with all our team members if you...
  18. XP Data conversion possibility?

    Hello, I am curious if there is any possible way to convert the .rxdata to .rvdata2 as in the project converters for vxtoace or vxatomv. Because I have assembled around a few hundred self done animations and I really don't want to start over in the VX Ace Engine. Thank you.
  19. Silent Darkness

    The VX Ace Nostalgia Pit!(RTP CONTENT DONE FOR NOW)

    This part has changed as of September 23, 2016. This thread is to present MV-ready versions of RPG Maker VX Ace content. Especially the RTP. Google Drive Link: Animations Battleback1 Battleback2...
  20. NeoFantasy

    Face needed to be remade into Rtp or kaduki/anime style

    Hey guys, so this character is very important to the plot of my game and I really really need a face for her that wouldn't look out of place with what i'm currently using (a mix of Kaduki and a bit of rtp) so can someone remake me her face in either kaduki or rtp style. I only need one...

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