1. TravisTouchdown

    Video length glitch

    Dear RPG Maker VX Ace users, I'm Josh from Germany, and new to the RPG Maker universe, or game development in general for that matter. I'm currently working on my first game, which will obviously be non-commercial, and it's intended to be more of an inside-joke title that I'll pass around...
  2. Mireneye

    [RMXP->RMVXA] XAS - Blood Effects script conversion. Tried my best and got basics running!

    UPDATE!!! I thought it would be a nifty fitting challenge for me to try to convert a script to learn more. After finding a script I hoped wasn't too hard I started working. Thus far I can get the screen effects of the script working. At the moment the script produces no errors and all of the...
  3. Village Mook

    TP conversion?

    Hey, I was wondering if someone couid give me a hand here. I'm not very experienced with the game maker yet and so I'm not sure if this has to do with scripting or what, but I'm basically trying to turn the TP meter into a seperate sort of MP meter instead of something that fills up over time. I...
  4. lemongreen

    XP/Ace to Mack conversion help

    Okay, so I'm trying to change a sprite that I happen to have an Ace/Vx style of and XP style of:    into a Mack format so it fits in a bit better with some other sprites I'm using, but I think I've hit the barrier of what I can currently do with pixel art. I did manage to get somewhat of a...
  5. lemongreen

    Need a sprite converted to DS+ style

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would please help in converting a sprite over to DS+ style for a short game idea I have (it's not imperative that I get it right away so you can take as much time as you want or need with it) Here's the sprite: I'd do it myself, but I really just barely got...
  6. Phantasia-esque CMS (VX Script Conversion)

    I've been using this CMS with my VX project for over a year, and I'd really like to move my game over to Ace. The only real problem is scripts. I am currently using many scripts, most of which I cannot go without. Possibly the most important aside from the tankentai battle system, which has been...
  7. batch

    VX Ace graphics to Minecraft texture pack...can I do it?

    Before I begin, sorry if this is the wrong forum entirely for this kind of question. Since last night, I've been creating a Minecraft-compatible texture pack from RPG Maker VX graphics (icons, tiles, characters etc). The problem is, I've been wondering just how legal it would be to upload it...
  8. hyde9318

    Shopaholic (VX to Ace Conversion)

    Hey everyone. Hyde here, coming to you asking for help on converting a RPG Maker VX Script over to Ace/RGSS3 format. This one seems rather large, but I promise that it isn't quite as large as it looks (but I will admit that it is still fairly large). Back when we were all still working hard on...

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