1. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Converting a 30+ Digit Number into a Short Alphanumerical Passcode

    Hello! I've got a bit of a tricky problem I'm trying to solve. In one of my projects, I'm implementing a system to allow players to generate and share codes that will let the creatures they raise inhabit the other player's game. To do this though, I need to pack a lot of info regarding the...
  2. SloppyJoeStudios

    Options text in menu not visible.. Help? <3

    Hello! I recently converted my old game from VXAce to MV and the only thing I don't undertand is why the Options Text is not visible in the start menu OR the menu while in game? If I press it, it works but the text is hidden. Any suggestion of what I can do? I am no coder so please me gentle in...
  3. How to convert XP Characters to MV

    Hello, yes, well, It's stated right on the Title. How exactly does one change character sprites from Rpgmaker XP to fit the MV Size? And What about Tilesets? Thanks!
  4. Tamsyn548

    VX Ace Parallax Tiles to Tileset?

    Hi. I was wondering, how would I convert VX Ace Parallax tiles into tileset format? I found some good ones, but I find parallaxing too difficult. (I'm not asking how to parallax, I want to know how to convert Parallax tiles into a tileset.) For those who are curious, I am using these tiles...
  5. VX Ace RTP characters & face sets for MV

    Hello I really like the rtp set up from the RPG Maker VX Ace but I prefer to use the RPG Maker MV now. Is there a way converting the size of the rtp characters & face sets to use it in the new Maker? Now the ressources need to be bigger. I have already searched in the forum for theese...
  6. Simcatico

    [HELP NEEDED] PermissionError: [WinError 5] Access is denied

    I need your help guys, im having a problem when building an APK... (see the image) it said "Access is denied" what should i do now? My Java, Ant, Python, and Android SDK etc. Path are all in right place. Here is the Full cmd: error : -------------- Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]...
  7. Simcatico

    [HELP NEEDED] PermissionError: [WinError 5] Access is denied

    I need your help guys, im having a problem when building an APK... (see the image) it said "Access is denied" what should i do now? My Java, Ant, Python, and Android SDK etc. Path are all in right place. Here is the Full cmd: error : -------------- Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]...
  8. Ally

    Character convert Ace to MV

    I did not understand what the exact dimensions for the characters on MV might be. I used the Galv script for RPG Maker VX Ace, and I did not have trouble using sprite with multiple images. Can anyone help me convert the character to make it work on MV? Here the sprite (do not use in your...
  9. AdamSakuru

    Confused on how to figure out 'Wait' time for movie files

    Can someone explain to me how to figure out the correct wait time to use in the editor after playing a movie file? (if you're not sure what I mean, RPG Maker MV will still process your event while a movie is playing, the workaround is to use the 'wait' command to match the length of your movie...
  10. How to put RPG Maker MV full screen on android?

    The normal method to pass the game to android, it does not work for me since it always gives error, for more that I have looked at the internet and tried different ways, I have not managed to pass it to apk, because I get this error: UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8 'Codec can not decode byte 0xed in...
  11. PhoenixX92

    What to use to convert video files to OGV?

    Title, basically. What does everybody use to convert video files to OGV for VX Ace? I normally use Handbrake to convert all my videos, but it doesn't support OGV, which is necessary for playback inside VX Ace. I don't want to use the ones online because uploading then redownloading is...
  12. spiriter

    Can't convert to Android, pls help me.

    Hi guys, sry for my bad english. I bought rpg maker mv some days ago. It's on V1.3.1. I want to convert the game (or at least a Testgame) to APK fpr Android. It doesn't work for me at all. What i've tried: Converting with XDK - with encodet RPGMakerMV-Resources: on XDK-Simulator...
  13. Ally

    Bunny Scene Title (convert from rgss2 to rgss3)

    Hi guys, I use this script to bypass the title screen... This script from the ability to insert the picture on the map for the selection of game options (new game etc) .. Are any of you able to convert in rgss3? Thank you ^^
  14. Mast-yami

    Convert a stat into another one

    Hello, Since I'm working on my skills, there something I was thinking about: Is it possible to convert a certain amount of a stat into another one? To be more precise, I want to convert 150% of the Defense into an Attack buff. For example: My character has 500 Atk and 500 Def. Then after...
  15. Dante S. Ryu

    Exporting RMMV Games as APK for androids

    Hi, I was trying to export an APK file from a RMMV project and put it on Google Play. I did it with Intel XDK, following tutorials, then I got my APK uploaded. Then, however, I realise there are some problems. 1.) There is no "Back Button" in option menu, which is on the title page...
  16. SilverDash

    Undead Plugin (invert healing <==> damage)

    Undead v. 1.00 Author: Silver Features: - Converts healing to damage and/or damage to healing for undead enemies and/or players. - Using notetags you can specify what skills and/or items will have their damage/healing inverted. - Optionally: adds an undead-state for compatibility with other...
  17. Buying fail..

    Hey guys I just noticed I can't read properly.. I just bought some of the resources and didn't noticed they're just for VX and VX-Ace and I wanted to use them for MV :( I don't know if it's necessary but is it possible to convert or resize them like the Charakters or Faces? And can I use the...
  18. Screech1989

    Convert Ace script to MV

    Silly question now right... how hard is it roughly to convert a script that was used in VXAce to work with MV? is it something you have to redo the whole thing etc, im not gonna lye i have done small scripting in the past little slots to adjust things but never wrote a whole script, i have a...
  19. .exe to .rvproj2?

    My friend made a VX Ace game. I asked him if I can work on it and he sent it to me through email. See, he didn't select to send the rvproj2 but I got the exe. Is there a way to convert exe to rvproj2?
  20. Script converted from XP to Ace?

    Can somebody please help convert a script from RPG Maker XP to RPG Maker VX Ace? http://moonpearl-gm.blogspot.fr/2012/11/monnpearls-animated-battlers.html

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