1. Turn A1 animated tiles into an event

    Hey there. I want to build a lava cave with flames that block your path. The player has to reroute water so it extinguishes the fire. Problem is that this means I need for that water as event (using it on the stone ground tiles, so Dungeo tile set, see the image) I tried my luck with Photoshop...
  2. HermesPasser

    Tileset Converter to MV

    Introduction This program converts tilesets from older versions of RPG Maker to RMMV. Other Options: Align the image on the sides and center; Resize sprites; Cut and save each sprite; Set transparent color; Place each sprite individually. Images Videos Converter: Editor: Downloads...
  3. Teal Dragona

    8-bit Music Converter?

    Is this the right forum to put this? Is there some sort of converter that changes any MP3's to an 8-bit like sound? Some of my things for a project require an 8-bit type sound, but all I have are normal songs..
  4. Schlangan

    XP to MV conversion script - Version 1.00 released.

    Hello everyone, Since MV is out, let's start serious business. As you all know, a Ace to MV converter has been developed by Shaz, but we're currently lacking a XP to MV converter. Unlike VXAce which is similar to MV in terms of database, XP is a tad older, and uses different mechanics...
  5. XP to VX Project Converter

    Is there a program to convert rpg maker xp projects to vx?(or at least the data)
  6. _Shadow_

    TUTORIAL: How to convert music and video files. A tutorial on FFMPEG

    So here comes something new. Forget about expensive converters. Forget about programs that can't export to ogg or whatever you need. This is big so I putted it into a spoiler button. Press it to read it. Here is what you can do: Instead of reading the spoiler, read this pdf file I made...
  7. .exe to .rvproj2?

    My friend made a VX Ace game. I asked him if I can work on it and he sent it to me through email. See, he didn't select to send the rvproj2 but I got the exe. Is there a way to convert exe to rvproj2?
  8. Pink Peach

    XP to Vxace Sprite Converter [HELP]

    Hey, I've been trying to find an XP to VXace convertor that will convert whole folders and the subfolders within. I have not been successful in finding one so please help (I don't know if I started this topic in the right place. If I have not, sorry.)
  9. [Ace] RGSS3 String.encode

    My code is simple: "<3>".encode(:xml => :text)  I am completely new to RGSS and ruby, so I may simply be misusing the #encode method of String.  However, whenever I try to invoke #encode with the hash option ":xml => :text", it throws a "Encoding::ConverterNotFoundError" with the text "code...

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