1. kimo

    Soundcloud cookies?

    There's a sale! So, I was looking through the music resources and noticed the Soundcloud cookie policy virtually hidden in the lower left corner of each music collection. I actually read (I finished high school :rolleyes:) the info on their site and am concerned about their statement regarding...
  2. Candra

    Candra's Sweet Tiles

    Terms of Use If you decide to use my resources, you must give credit to me in the game. Candra Faulkner - http://candrasresources.blogspot.com/   Yes, you may recolor , edit, etc... but credit must still be given. Thank you! Free for Non-Commercial Games only. Do not re-post my resources...
  3. Joporai124

    Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    Is the workshop still closed?

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Just about finished I reckon.
This could probably be an entire thread, but it’s really interesting how replaying a game several years later can change how you relate to a character. I think Tidus from FFX got such a bad rap. I getchu. Completely different reaction as an adult now.
As you see, I still enjoy writing tutorials. Is there anything specific you want to see? (I know mapping and editing/resource making is usually popular, but those are very broad topics)
Well, I wanted to expand player battlers visually and now have 3 sheets and counting for each of my players party.
1. Regular sheet
2. The character has turned stone sheet.
3. Using potions sheet.

Technically the main hero has 4 since he starts with a wooden sword, and I felt that the battler should reflect that until he gets a metal one.

Right back to the RM game dev grind in about 15 minutes. :LZSexcite:

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