cooking system

  1. Gabbypie64

    RMMV Can I request some plugins for mini games?

    I was thinking of since this would be pc only for one mini game idea click in thease areas before time runs out,do a swirling movement to keep the potion from burning with timer, clickbooton in a simmon says order, ect
  2. Gabbypie64

    RMMV Hi I want to learn to code how hard would this be

    How hard would it be to program cooking style mini games(like cooking mama style)) for rm-mv(Coding noob here)
  3. hiddenone

    Eventing a Place-able Crafting System

    Evented Crafting System aka: putting items on a table before cooking This tutorial is for those people like me who want a crafting system that's more hands-on than many of the crafting plugins. While the plugins are great, they don't give complete control of what ingredient combinations are...
  4. YellowIris

    RPG Maker MV - Cooking System - Minor Syntax Error

    Hi Everyone! I know the title of my question topic might sound very complicated, but I swear I have but only one question.  (Bear with me as English is not my first language so explaining it could be a little weird for me.) I'm trying to make a solid cooking system for my game (which is going...

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