1. Ak0i

    RMMV Cooking/Crafting System

    Hello hello! I'm looking for a specific cooking/crafting system that has a bit more "flavor" to it, using pictures, icons, animations, etc! I don't know much about coding myself so I don't know what is doable or not, but the general idea I had was crafting from a cauldron. This would be...
  2. Gabbypie64

    RMMV Can I request some plugins for mini games?

    I was thinking of since this would be pc only for one mini game idea click in thease areas before time runs out,do a swirling movement to keep the potion from burning with timer, clickbooton in a simmon says order, ect
  3. Nowis-337

    RMMZ The Necro-Nom-icon - Lovecraftian Cooking Simulator

    The Necro-Nom-icon About Follow the recipe-like instructions of the Necro-Nom-icon and perform rituals to make contact with the Ancient Ones. Will it provide the answers you have been looking for? A reason for those odd dreams? Or will you succumb to madness first? A short game made for the...
  4. DigitalWF

    Looking for Cooking Utility / Utensil Icon or Tileset (RMMV)

    Hello, I'm looking for cooking Utensils / Utility, free or paid is fine, It can be a tileset or Icon. Here are the list I need. Frying Pan Kitchen Knife Mixer Oven Pot Rolling Pin Seasoning Set Spatula Thong Whisk Wok That's all I could think of for know. The size doesn't matter because I can...
  5. DigitalWF

    Looking for Cooking plugin that allow Player pick multiple items

    I’m looking for a plugin that allow the player to choose multiple item in inventory and combine them to make a dish. It can be success or failure. So far I only found yanfly item synthesis and shg cooking plugin, and some complicated eventing tutorial. I was wondering if there are maybe other...
  6. gvduck10

    RMVXA Chef Excellent Master Time (Res)

    GAME LINK http://www.mediafire.com/file/38ptbjwu99u3ujt/Chef_RPG.exe/file (I apologize in advance, this is an old file and I no longer have the original so I cannot make any edits) *INSPIRATION* and SYNOPSIS I was watching some Asian cooking contests and gameshows, when I noticed the tendency...
  7. Relianna

    In need of some crafting related icons

    So I'm struggling to find the icons i need for my project and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out. Resource Type: Icons Maker Format: MV Art Style: In the style of the VX Ace icons ^^ Description: Frying pan Cooking knife Cutting board Mixing bowl or something related...
  8. Combining Items for a Recipe During Battle Phase

    Hello, I am not very good at figuring out where the limitations of RPG Maker MV are currently, so I have an issue and I want to see how you guys would handle it. I don't know if I will need more plugins than just Yanfly's to bring this character to life. I want to make a character who supports...
  9. BottleCapGames

    Evented Home-Cooking Skill

    Home Cooking Skill Tutorial: by BottleCapGames Today we will be making a Home-Cooking Skill inspired by Miitopia (a strange RPG) through common events. In the Home Cooking skill, the user will randomly cook a food item and have it added to their inventory depending on their level and RNG. It...
  10. Uzuki

    What Are Some Good Camping/Rural Food Recipes?

    In my game I decided to take a different approach to how items work and took a page out of the Witcher and Tales of series. Basic healing items, like herbs and mushrooms, and basic food items, like cheese and bread, offer a small amount of healing and are great for healing in the early game. As...
  11. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV - Kindle the Flame

    Hey all thanks for watching! Today we have a basic RPG Maker MV tutorial on a "survival / cooking / alchemy" based system, named "Kindle the Flame". As always, full demo provided and I hope my tutorial helps! All the best! KINDLE THE FLAME DOWNLOAD...
  12. SleepyGremlin

    Cooking/Crafting System?

    I’ve found plenty of beautiful little crafting and cooking systems for VX Ace, but when it comes to RMXP, I haven't really been able to find a script that works this particular way. I know this is something I could do (to a degree) with eventing (I recall making a start on a sort of similiar...
  13. Clockwarkgate

    This Happy Yet Wonderful Funhouse - DEMO

    OVERVIEW: "Aubrey Camembert just move onto his Uncle's place at South Red Capital to spend her vacation. At her first day, she was invited by her uncle's friend to visit their Cafe. The place is covered with the aroma of the sweet cake and coffee. A problem occurs in the kitchen, the panic...
  14. tonytechno

    Twisted Dungeons

    Hello everyone of this topic. So i'm creating a game using the RPG Maker VX Ace software, it's pretty much Final Fantasy/Diablo/Sword Art Online so a RPG, Rogue-Like, fantasy, turn-based adventure, with a hint of comedy. no perma-death though, but the boss monsters are extremely hard to kill...
  15. sutorumie

    Cooking/Crafting system similar to Mabinogi

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuembLFMECI More info from the game -> http://wiki.mabinogiworld.com/view/Cooking Basically, you add 3 ingredients, then hold a button (which can be switched to pressing 3 different keys on the keyboard instead of the mouse) to add a certain % of the ingredient...
  16. BlackRoseMii

    Can't find the the kind of script I want

    I've been searching for cooking scripts for a while now. I found a few, but they aren't what I'm actually looking for. I want my cooking system to be like this: There should be an extra option in the menu, where you can select a recipe and make it, if you have the right ingredients. Also, those...
  17. Venka

    Crafting Script v3.8 - Updated 2/26/2015

    Crafting Script v3.8 by Venka, based off GubiD's VX Cooking Script   Description: This is a script will allow you to have a crafting system in your games. It has a crafting timer bar so you must activate it at the right time to successfully make an item. Crafting results vary depending on when...
  18. (Ace) Need help with a script

    Hey there, I worked the whole day on a cooking script and I need someone who is more experienced then me to overlook it if there are any mistakes. It may be helpful to know that this is my first script and that I made it with the help of a video (It was sometimes hard to see what was going on...

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