1. Syddo

    Looking for a Fishing Script?

    H'lo. I've been looking for an advanced fishing script, where you interact with a certain event and some sort of fishing minigame kicks in. I'm not looking for a specific game mechanic, I just wish it was more complicated than a Common event-related minigame (I'm looking for something more...
  2. ShellyValeras

    Horror Is Awesome

    For my horror game Friends Forever! It's coming together nicely! Here's a couple screenshots!
  3. Avery

    Fantastic SV beasts and where to find them - a list

    I needed to do something where I don't need to think much, and a list was perfect for that purpose. Many games use SV Battlers, but many want to use SV Enemies as well - now we face a problem. A huge problem: SV Battlers are a huge amount of work, and not all artists can be mixed up. Some are...
  4. dumcatguy

    RMMV tank vs firebolt the game: demo available

    Tank vs Firebolt: the cool and new game synopsis IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS characters download
  5. Custom Battle Animation Sequences

    Hello, I'm new here. I was wondering how to create an animation sequence. I've watched some of Yanfly's videos on Youtube but I just don't get how to do it. Can someone help me with this? I need individual step-by-step instructions otherwise I won't get it. I want my actor to do some cool attack...
  6. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_DamageFace

    !!! Damage Face v.1.0 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Updates: Description: This Plugin will change the Face Image of an Actor depending  on the HP value of each Actor. Images...
  7. Rikifive

    Super Coolstory Bros!

    BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra.   Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back...
  8. Sato1999

    Jitter's stuffs!

    Hello! I think it should be time for me to create my sprite topic. I make animated battlers, but no chibis, the reason is because i'm not good with either tiny or big images. Acepting requests! Terms of use: Here's my holder styled battlers:(In order of making) Since rips aren't...
  9. Sato1999

    How to find notetags?

    Can someone plz tell me how to find notetags? Usuaaly i check Yanfly's scripts first when i want to see how to do something. But notetags seems too confusing for me. example:I want to check if an state(example) has a <poison> note tag, how would i do it? edit: the script have to find...
  10. Kaleid

    http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/482#.U7PjzbGTEmD Kaleid into a new level of hardcore twin-stick shooting action! Dodge hordes of relentless enemies or they will destroy your kaleidoscopic armor and expose your core! Love to see everybody's Highscores. Also if you lie our game...
  11. Sir Edward Dewey

    Wich one looks cooler?

    Hello everybody, I recently bought the Zombie Survival Graphic Pack and I was impresed by the good detail of the tilesets, so now I have decided to make a Zombie Game, I started yesterday with the game and its getting good (or at least I think so) but I have a huge trouble. The face style of...
  12. AndracoDragons

    House building in games

    Hello everybody I need some scripting help. I need a script or a way to event a way where the character in game can create a house on a set lot. im not exactly sure what information you might need so just ask away and ill edit this post to include it.

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