1. Runako

    Conversation Cooldown

    Hey, good morning everyone! In my game I run a tight conversation system where players interact with NPCs and they are given multiple conversation options: they can listen, respond, or initiate conversation. As they communicate with NPCS, they lose or gain points. With that said, How do I...
  2. Yanfly's Skill Cooldown v1.12 not working.

    I have only been using RPG Maker MV for about a month now, and started using plugins 2 weeks ago so im insanely new to all of this. But whenever I use the Skill Cooldown plug in, it crashes my game after I use an ability that has a cool down timer for it. Basically my goal is to re create a...
  3. Is there a skill cooldown pluguin effective on enemies?

    I 've tried the pluguin YEP_X_Skillcooldowns(below YEP_skillcore), but it seems that it only has an effect on actors.Anyone knows if I made something wrong or if there's another similar pluguin effective on enemies?
  4. Nantas

    Skills and Magic - Cooldown and Limited uses system

    Hello everyone ! I have worked on my project since 6 months or something like that, and the progress is good. Right now, I'm asking myself if it wouldn't be good to change something. This something is in the battle system, it's about TP and MP costs. When I play my game as far as it's...
  5. Runako

    Advance Interaction Plugin (Pictures included)

    :kaohi: I am working on a game that makes a huge emphasis on interactions with NPCs. In my game, players will talk with NPCs for various reasons: to assemble them into their party, for healing, for stat increase, convert. For sake of distinction there are two different types of NPCs: Enemy...
  6. DoubleX RMMV Item Cooldown

    Purpose Lets you set skills/items causing users to cooldown after using Games using this plugin None so far Introduction Parameters Notetags Plugin Calls Video Prerequisites Abilities: 1. Nothing special for most ordinary use cases 2...
  7. Wavelength

    Gating skills by Cooldown

    I'm pretty happy with the use of Cooldowns (once you use a skill, you must wait some number of turns before using it again) in a game I'm developing to encourage the player to rotate between different skills during battle and add a stronger element of timing.  I have plans to go back to one of...
  8. Vis_Mage

    [ACE] XAS Real-time Cooldown

    Hello! :) Recently, I have been trying to use Mr. Bubbles Real-time Cooldown script with the ABS script XAS.(Here is a link to the original XAS script, and Here is a link to an English download of the script! NOTE: I'm using Ace!) Mr.Bubbles script has built in compatability with XAS, and...
  9. Clockwarkgate

    [RMVX] Recharge Skill by modern algebra problem

    The script works fine but I got a mysterious error that only occurs in one ability. (or maybe more than one) Screenshot and modern algebra's Recharge Skill script is attached. Please help! The ability includes "confuse" effect, which enrages the caster and unable to control...
  10. Weapon Cooldown

    Does anyone know of a script or some way of setting a weapon so that it can't be used every turn in battle? I know that Yanfly has a script but it's for skills, and I'm looking specifically for weapons. I'm trying to set up a set of pistols as weapons, and I want to make it so that one of the...
  11. Mahoken

    Skill that resets its Cooldown upon kill ~ Help!

    I'm using Yanfly's Skill Restriction Script, which allows you to set Cooldowns on skills. I made a skill that has a CD of 5 turns. It's a strong single target attack that deals damage and ignores armor. I want to make it so that when that skill is able to kill someone (deal the finishing blow)...

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