1. RMMZ How to spawn event at player's coordinates?

    Im using a plugin called Galv's Event Spawner MZ. I want to know how I could use javascript to spawn an event at the players coordinates. I tried the following but it didn't work
  2. LesserL

    How to check if there is an Event on a certain tile?

    Hello! So I have everything for my idea except for this little thingy mentioned in the title. Most of the maps are going to consist from 3 lines of tiles: 2'nd is for walking, 1'st and 3'rd are for events. And I want doors to be on both lines. When doors on the first line can be shown normally...
  3. Nerdpago

    Help with movement routes and X and Y positions

    Hi makers! i have an ideia but i need some help to execute it is there any way to set the actual player coordinates Y and X to 0 and then set follower movement routes to Y and X based on the player position Example : if player is facing up,down,left or right, Follower 1 move to X and Y in...
  4. [RMMV] Change variable based on player outrunning or being outrun by moving event

    At first I thought checking player and event coordinates using regions would work, but there's two problems: not enough regions and too many regions to keep track of. So here's what I want to do, but don't know how to do it: In my game Horseventure, I have a race on a race track that the player...
  5. Map X and Screen X not working proper

    I'm currently trying to put a lightsource on my player when nighttime hits, but I can't seem to map player X coordinates proper. Ive set Player Map X and Map Y into a variable, and they almost work. I've tried Screen X and Y too, but similar failures. The light source will appear either up in...
  6. Xyonel

    how to obtain coordinates from a picture used as map?

    Hello, I'm wondering if someone could help me with a parallax world map that can indicate with a cursor my position in world, I found a solution(with a hidden blank message , the arrow works as an indicator for player position) but if I change resolution of my game, the coordinate stretches. I'm...
  7. Nilom

    Draw Picture at event location

    Hello! I try to draw a picture at an events position with: $gameScreen.showPicture(params); The event doesn't have a fixed position. I tried this: $gameScreen.showPicture(80, "picname", 1, $gameMap.event($eventID).x*36, $gameMap.event($eventID).y*36, 100, 100, 255, 0); But it doesn't...
  8. Ebanyle

    Talk to Followers

    Do your characters feel lonely even if they are accompanied? Are you lost, with no hints of what to do? With the Talk To Follower system, no more! Unless your follower is also lost, but at least you are not alone. Warning: This system mostly requires a "Turn Around" system. You can use...
  9. Position actor problem

    There is a script command that allow me to save the exact position(x,y) of a single actor/enemy (maybe using actor/enemy 's id) into a variable?I need it to make a skill like kamehameha that start from the player and finish in the targeted enemy.
  10. A bunch of tutorials

    Hey i made a bunch of video tutorials for the RPG Maker MV and wanted to share them. I literally earn nothing from it and do it for fun and to help people so I hope it's ok the way I did now. Topic: - Define borders with coordinates Brief Description: - Use variables and coordinates to define...
  11. Nyxx

    Same Coordinate Transportation

    So, I am trying to make a mechanic where if the player presses a button or triggers an event, he is able to see a more darker version of the world for a period of time. Sort of like the game "Fran Bow". So, for example, if the player presses "X", he gets transported to a different world but in...
  12. leoroura

    Need help with SumRndmDde's HUDMAKER

    Hello everyone! I am in desperate search of a HUDMAKER expert. Well, maybe not expert, but someone who knows what they're doing (not me lol) So here's my issue: I have a particular HUD i made based on a three-candle system. (The gauge bars are placed behind a big picture i'm using as a hud...
  13. Nitroxone

    Teleportation & coordinates

    Hi all, First and foremost : english is not my native language, I apologize in advance because it may be hard to understand me. I've created a simple system that teleports you at the exact same location on a "mirror map" when you press a button. But, one of those maps is actually several years...
  14. Get event Id from event [x,y] coordinates RMVXA

    I am trying to make a farm plot where some of the tools effect more than one event. (ie, plowing a 3x1 lot). Essentially, I want to use the events current co-ordinates to find the events next to it and change a "self variable" (from another script) in that event. But for that I need to find it's...
  15. set actor to x,y

    Hello guys, I'm working on a camping-map, a map which pops up each time the player uses the camping-skill. On this map all the actors (1-4) should be placed around a campfire. How can I place actor [ID] to a given coordinate? I only know this command $gamePlayer.locate(8,8); which places the...
  16. Enemy incoming, XY distance

    Hello. At first, sorry for my poor English. I'm trying to make a game in the atmosphere of Silent Hill. If you played "Silent Hill", you probably remember the radio that was warning you when the enemy was close. The noise from the radio was getting louder when enemies were nearby. I wanted to...
  17. How to get player to trigger event when they cross a x-coordinate line?

    Basically, I'm trying to set up a set of stationary enemies that disappear when the player crosses a certain line. I imagine it has something to do with variables relating to the x coordinate on the map, but that's about it.
  18. Movement by Coordinates

    I thought this issue would be more common but the search proved not to be. Is there a way to set movement route for player/event to x,y coordinates? With random movement events causing the event to end up who knows where. Having to move to a specified spot or towards anything other than a...
  19. Saving coordinates through a menu command

    Okay so bear with me here. Long story short my game has monuments which transport the player to "arcane temples", think of them as a sort of dungeon that can't be accessed any other way. I want to make a command inside the pause menu called "exit arcana" which transports the player out of the...
  20. Jefries

    Positioning a Picture

    Hello, I want to ask of a problem I've been having. The problem is the when I put a picture to show it covers the ones that are talking. Even though I tried changing like the width, height and opacity I just want to change the position of the image. I tried using the constant of x and y but it's...

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