1. Sanguine

    Checking coordinates for a group of events

    Hey all. To check the coordinates of a single event, the script call in a conditional branch looks something like this: $[@event_id].x == 1 (For x coordinate 1) $[@event_id].y == 1 (For y coordinate 1) My question is, is it possible to create a system of events...
  2. TravisTouchdown

    NPC moving from fixed route to specific coordinates?

    Hi! I'm working on my game's intro cutscene, in which an NPC (1) repeats walking on a fixed route while dialog displays (see Screenshot 1). So, naturally I set the move route to not be "wait for completion". Once (1) is done talking I intend to have another NPC (2) enter the scene and move...
  3. Erangot

    Getting Events' Coordinates

    Hi there, how do I get an event's x and y coordinates? For the player's position I type "$game_player.x" or "$game_player.y" in the event's script. But how can I get an event's coordinates where I put the script into? ---- Sorry for the trouble, I'm very much inexperienced with scripting...
  4. RamminRyan

    Moving Spike Trap

    I've been using VX Ace for a while now and managed to create some fairly complex events (at least for me) for my project but I've finally reached a hurdle too high. The Setup: I'm looking to make some spike traps that launch towards the player when they are in the same X coordinate or Y...
  5. Palsa

    [Ace-Script Request] Mouse X&Y Coordinates Bound to Variables

    I'm currently working on a project that requires complicated menu commands, so I decided to use events instead of altering the default game menu, and I'm planning to use Jet's Mouse System along with it. But some of the buttons I'm making are 16x16 (it's for a color selection palette), if I...
  6. thinkpadius

    How do I Access Map Data in order to Automate Transfer Coordinates?

    Here's what I want to do: 1) When the player reaches the edge of a map, they will transfer to a randomly selected map. (I've sorted that out, it's a series of conditionals based on a random number call) 2) When the player arrives at the new map, their position will be automatically chosen...
  7. x3chaos

    [VX Ace] Get event at specific coordinates?

    Hi all! I'm brand freakin' new to RMVX Ace, but I have a background in Java, JS, Python, and C/C++ (and very, very rudimentary experience with Ruby - specifically Rails), to give a perspective of my knowledge in attempting to help me here. Also, this is my first post on the forums, so feel free...

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