1. Actor Parameter Copy

    Hi ! I was wondering if it is possible to make an Actor having the exact same parameters and extra-parameters as another hero. I am using a lot of plugins of Yanfly and others plugin from SumRndmDde like Summon Core. I have a character that summon a lot of creatures (it's his gameplay), but i...
  2. Avanoh

    Boss That Copies

    I was interested in making a boss that would copy player moves rather than using his own moves exclusively, as well as splitting into multiple copies of himself at some phase in the fight, followed by those copies transforming into “clones” of each party member while also using their move sets...
  3. KeikeiX

    Transformation Skill (Party only)

    Hello everyone! I need advice on how to create the 'TRANSFORM' and 'REVERT' skills. The 'TRANSFORM' skill transforms you into other characters in your current/ battling party. This skill changes your character's Portrait, Sprites, Max HP, Max Mp, Atk, Def, any other stats (only stats) into...
  4. Rink27

    Question: Output Console Log Copy

    Hi. Personally, I don't really like the thought of burdening someone with making a plugin for me, so I'm first asking to see if anything similar exists and hopefully if someone can explain how difficult or easy it can be to achieve? (I haven't find anything like a plugin for this) Currently I...
  5. KevinFrost

    Copy and Paste Map Portion In-Game [Advanced]

    Hey all! I've done some extensive Google searches and cannot seem to find what I am looking for, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows. There was a script for VX Ace that allowed for copying and pasting portions of a map from the same or different maps. This way you could have buildings...
  6. firststef

    Copying progress from actor to another

    Hi everyone! I,m currently creating a game about possesed swords. At one point in my story my character gets possesed and changes appearence. I want a plugin that lets me copy the progress ive done with my first actor form and paste it on the second form. I also have to mention that i,m...
  7. Copy map tiles to another map

    On RPG Maker VXA, I ran across a very cool script that allowed me to copy a tile from one map to another based on map coordinates. I tried to find that script and post a link so that you'd be able to see it, but I was unable to find it. For example a script call of it would be something like...
  8. ItchiStik

    Is there a plugin or a way to...

    Is there a plugin or a way to create a save file code that the player can copy and paste to access later and or use on a later version of an RPG Maker MV game without having to restart from the beginning?
  9. Sin

    Copy Skill

    I was wondering if there was a way to make a skill that would copy each enemies weapon while leaving the user looking the same, to give an idea of what I'm using it for, I have a character who holds a sword based on envy that copies the weapon of whomever she is fighting along with its skills...
  10. _Shadow_

    Problem on copying, more than one events, using Fomar0153 script.

    So I use this script... I call the method from the event using the Script Event command.  $game_map.add_event(10, 21, 9, 0) $game_map.add_event(10, 22, 10, 0)   I have the events on map with ID = 10 and the event ids are  021 and 022...
  11. watermark

    How to Completely Clone Actor using Script?

    Pardon but can't seem to find this. In RPGVX Ace using script, how can I completely clone an actor in the database including name, features, graphics, equipment, etc.? Something like the pseudo code below: $game_actors[1] = $game_actors[2].clone This way the first actor will have the exact...
  12. Trianglon

    Copy/Paste Multiple Maps

    I noticed that when I tried to copy more than one map at a time (usually done by holding Shift and clicking on them) that the program wouldn't let me. Is there a way to copy/paste multiple map files at a time? Thank you!  :)

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