1. Black Pagan

    Commercial use of Default Resources - RPG Maker MV

    I have a question. Can we modify the Default resources in RPG Maker MV (Tile sets, Char Sets, Iconset, Facesets, Backgrounds) using Image editing Software and rendering them through filters, changing their size, hue, opacity etc and use them in a Commercial Game ?
  2. artimiss1238

    Question about Fair Use

    I'm making a game for my grandfather's birthday that I would probably like to post later(free/nonprofit) to show off and he's a huge Donald Duck fan. So, my idea was to play as Donald and save Daisy from a tower like in a fairy tale. Then I realized that Disney is cutthroat about their...
  3. MagicFool64

    Mimic and Copyright

    Are Mimics from DnD copyrighted? I was thinking to add them in my a game. I'm asking because some monsters from that game are copyrighted
  4. Jomarcenter

    MJM Copyright information Plugin

    MJM Copyright Information Plugin 1.0 By Jomarcenter-MJM Introduction So someone stole your game again and its that one guy again. Well this plugin can solve any problem. Screenshot: Feature: Insert copyright information on the title screen. Print out the copyright information on the Web...
  5. BlueMage

    Copyright Cheating?

    I have wondered for awhile, if you copied character design from another game/anime BUT you leave their face blank then that mean you don't violate copyright, is that true? Well, here are 2 of example: Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight, +5,000,000 installs...
  6. Is it allowed to use Sprite Maker resources elsewhere?

    A long time ago, I created a sprite using the sprite creator on this website. I have since edited it very much, but the original sprite was still created using the sprite maker. Would I get in trouble for using this sprite outside of RPG Maker Web (e.g. in a game written using a different game...
  7. 10kk

    Copyright/Remixes and posting games on Rpgmakerweb

    First of all I want to point out that this thread is not meant to cause arguments, I am just trying to have some things clarified and want to pose a few questions to figure it out. I am not arguing for using copyrighted material in games, that is not the point. I would just like to know how...
  8. matgraz

    Can i use music from RPG Maker elsewhere?

    Hi guys, i bought RMK MV and i'm doing a video for a teaser product for a contest to get money for a gaming project I'm going to make an animated teaser to mockup the gameplay and i wish to use RPG Maker music for this purpose, could i get copyright trouble for this? Thanks !
  9. Vaschak

    Scared of copyright

    Hey fellas, I've been working on a game for me and a group of mutuals on discord, the game is centered about me and those guys and i had a lot of fun working on it, but as i was working on it i realized that what i been doing could get me in trouble, you see the pictures i used for characters...
  10. Vaschak

    Who should i credit on my credits ?

    I mean when i making my game there are some maps that come with it by default, like (School Classroom) and if i'm planing to publish my game, should i say in the credits that i didn't made any of those maps or beacuse i unsuscribed from all my worshop i items i had (i'm using the steam version...
  11. Broozer

    Regarding copyright laws.

    I'm not sure where the correct forum is to post these questions, and they are probably dumb questions. But here goes. I've been working on a game for a while now, and so far I'm quite happy with the results. At first, I was planning on releasing it only for me and my friends, but I've been...
  12. copyright guidelines I need to follow!

    hello (I don't really know where to go on this website to ask question because I just signed up) so im a kid in middle school and I been researching about making games (sorry about lying about my age in the sign up thing) and I think i'm ready to make one now but I can't draw anime and I don't...
  13. captainette777

    The Youtube Audio Library for music/sfx resources?

    Can I use the YouTube Audio Library music in a free, non-commercial game? Just curious. I was making a small indie game for free, non intended for Steam or even, just a game for the small community I'm apart of. Is it ok as long as I credit and link to the original source via credits...
  14. Fair Use

    I've been planning on buying "RPG Maker MV" for quite some time now, but I've encountered with some doubts, which are, till which extend do you have fair use of the resources that the software provides? For instance, I know I can't take the music out of a game and just post it, but can I market...
  15. Frankster300

    What does RPG Maker own when it comes to your content? (Dev Input?)

    Note: I'm using "RPG Maker" as the general term for the company that owns this website. I dont know the real company (companies?) that own this website, but i am referencing them when it comes to saying RPG Maker. So as a child of two parents who went to law school... i find this in the terms...
  16. Frankster300

    Hello! I'm new and i have questions!

    Hey everyone! My name is Frank. I have a great idea for designing a game, and i wanted to ask the forums a few questions before i throw myself into the deep-end of this project. You dont need to answer all of them if you dont want to! I'm using RPG Maker MV, and i have alot of experience with...
  17. SpunkyWunky

    When Copyrighted Music Becomes Public Domain

    So I was surfing the net today and came across a website. It has a heap of copyrighted music on it that is supposedly now Public Domain, however I don't know the legitimacy of their claim. I searched the internet as to what copyright is and when it becomes public domain. I have found so many...
  18. vico

    So there's my issues with RM...

    ...after the unfolding of this topic, i began to hesitate to use RPG Maker with my "original" (not fangames from established RPG franchises) projects due to copyright (and artistic freedom) issues. So @Andar suggested me to create this topic to discuss better and keep the original one in the...
  19. CleanWater

    Square-Enix Filing Lawsuit Against Me, Question...

    Hi there everyone! No, Square-Enix didn't sued me, but a friend of mine raised this question. So I want to ask anyone here that is well versed in laws overall. I only know the laws of my country. The setting is this one: I develop parody games, I already developed two parodies before (one of...
  20. Orb

    A question regarding copyright

    Hello there! I have a situation and would like to hear some advice/comments from those of you who are knowledgeable: So I found a picture in deviantart that I used to make a logo for my game. The picture itself is just a photograph of a piece of art nouveau jewelry. After months of trying to...

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