1. MushroomCake28

    The Creator's Legal Clinic: Advices and Explanations

    Disclaimer: Knowledge and limits of responsibility First of all, let me say that all incoming advices and explanations are from me. My legal knowledge comes from currently being a Law student at a Canadian University with about one year left (at the time of writing, April 2019. I still got to...
  2. latest dlc: VN characters usage

    I just saw OTOKO YUKAKU COLLECTION & BELIEVER! COLLECTION... am I understanding these usage icon things correctly?? you can't make use them for commercial use... you can't edit them, you can't use them in a game with adult themes or even... violence?? all the characters in BELIEVER! COLLECTION...
  3. KieronGryph

    A Question About Music with Creative Commons

    I found this music site, Jamendo, a few years ago, and I was wondering if I could use some of the music from there for my game. I've read their explanations for the various Creative Commons licenses Jamendo uses, and I'm still not sure if or how I should use the music from there. I know that I...

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