1. slayer2

    RPG Maker MZ performance on Android and my disappointment

    A week ago I saw that RPG Maker MZ was half price and I bought it without thinking twice. I do some tests on Android and everything seems correct except for some graphical issues where some tilsets show a bit of the next tilset as a border (For example, if the tilset has an image of a tree and...
  2. BenSD

    From MV/MZ to native Android app with Windows and Cordova (Updated july '23)

    Heyo, makers! I've done this a few times, including just recently thanks to a failed hard drive, so I thought I'd share my full process for making an app, since it comes up on here every so often. There are other ways, and I'm not claiming this is the best way, but it's been reliable for me...
  3. Rpg maker MV to iOS with Cordova, nothing appears anymore with iOS 14, HELP

    hi at all , i hope you can help me :( I have a big problem similar with iOS 14. I'm going crazy because I don't know how I can fix it. I tried with both the current version of cordova 5.x.x and the new 6.1.1 No difference. The application starts, but at the moment of the main screen no images...
  4. MelonMintGames

    Problems deploying to iOS

    I have been following the instructions on the help file to deploy to iOS. Some things have changed (as the file was written several years ago) but I was more or less able to figure out how to set up Cordova, Xcode, etc. However, even though the build is successful, when I try to emulate it in...

    Any ideas why adding localforage to rpg_managers.js and index.html cause game not to load

    Can anyone from RPG Maker MV or the community who knows about rpg_managers.js speak technical details as to why after making the edits to the rpg_managers.js file and index.html file as shown in the diff checker links below, the game does not load and instead presents a black screen? I am trying...
  6. FoxySeta

    Problem while building for Android

    I'm just gonna leave the debug console log here (way too heavy to be uploaded as draft). These errors occured while I was trying to build the blank project template, so it probably has something to do with some installation done uncorrectly (cordova, sdk etc...). EDIT: I think I might have...

    IOS Projects Do Not Work

    RPGMaker MV Now Has Major problems with current versions of Apple IOS Technologies. I am using MacOS Sierra and have Xcode Version 9.0 (9A235) I created a new project as a basic test. I followed the instructions from RPGMaker MV documentation on Converting to an IOS App verbatim. It...
  8. xilefian

    Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    The originating tutorial along with direct support can be found at: hbgames.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=48&p=939401 Index Prerequisites Creating the Android app Testing (Optional) Create Debug APK Customisation Crosswalk vs WebView What is the MV Android Client The MV Android Client is a...
  9. cunningorb

    RPG Maker MV Deployment to Windows Store via Visual Studio Issue

    When I deploy my game to the Windows Store, the plugins do not work. I am really loving RPG Maker MV! I do however have an issue deploying to the Windows Store using Visual Studio 2017 and Cordova 6.3.1. Points to note: Plugins run in RPG Maker MV 1.5 testing. Plugins run in debugging using...
  10. Warped_Tales

    Basic Cordova Plugin Questions

    Any help, even basic information, would be hugely appreciated. I've banging my head against this for a few days and really could do with some assistance. I am trying to implement the Cordova Purchase Plugin into an android app to allow for IAPs. Using Intel XDK I've been able to...
  11. MadeBySaints

    Exporting for Android

    Okay so i have been attempting to build this application for a while now - I dont really care about the 100MB limit on google play because im publishing to itch.io where they gave me 2GB per file for free. This is my problem - If i build in XDK i can only build apps less than 250MB due to...
  12. Lakaroth

    Intel XDK iOS error in test (SOLVED)

    Hello there, i have a problem, with Intel XDK here my step: From RMMV: Export Android/iOS Intel XDK: New HTML5+Cordova Project Oper project root delete "WWW" default folder and past my RMMV Output "WWW" folder Emulation OK Test with Intel XDK App Preview on Iphone 5S Push File on...

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