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  1. Ramiro

    PIXI V2 to PIXI V3

    PIXIv2 > PIXI v3 version 0.5.0 - looking for betatesters!   Description Do you want to have the nice things of PIXI v3 in MV. Well, after some reading of the core classes I have somehow good news for you. It's doable, even if it's hard. I can't completely do it alone... but as a community...

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Have my fingers crossed, waiting for a discount sale on MZ on Steam.. Its normally around the corner during Halloween or x-mas season on Steam, if i remember right..
We are truly intellectuals.
Without using violence without weapons
Our group has as many as 1.3 million people and more than 1 hundred thousand talks.
We gathered in an hour, more than 4.5 Half a hundred thousand

I got a Sword.
I got an Axe.
I got two Swords.
Nothing to see here, just walking with my dog.
I haven’t worked on my game in a while. Tomorrow might be the day.
*squeals* :kaoblush:

I've been experimenting with improved memory management again, which allowed me to include items to increase player path length. These are both 44 grid spaces long, and stable. :LZSexcite:

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