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  1. Aceinfurno

    How does RMMV actually handle and process Characters, Classes, and Skills?

    I'm just getting into using RMMV and I have a bit of background in programming to build from, however I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how the RMMV JS code actually function and interact with one another, and I can't find many resources that actually cover this. The project I'm working...
  2. caethyril

    Bug Restore move route - index skip

    Edit: this bug is fixed in v1.2.1 of the core scripts. Seen in RMMZ core scripts up to the current version (v1.2.0). Description Events can have an auto move route assigned. If given an "active" route, e.g. via the Set Movement Route command, the auto route will be restored when the active one...
  3. lordvalinar

    Actor Switches & Variables v1.2

    Actor Switches & Variables v1.2 LordValinar Introduction With RPG Maker MV, switches and variables are globalized - saved within the $gameSystem object. Well there might have been times when you or I required personalized switches/variables to the actor themselves (Races? Gender? Corruption...
  4. [Ace] Kendrick Core Script

    Before I make an official release of my core script, I want to open it to criticisms.  The goal is to enable greater ease-of-use and extensibility to both the rmvxa engine, and rgss3. Some of the features I have included into the first planned release are as follows: RGSS Extensions...
  5. Zalerinian

    [Poll] Opinion on core scripts

    Some of the most popular scripters all have their own set of core scripts that a lot of their other scripts require you to use. I'm looking for people's opinion on their usage and to get a list of advantages and disadvantages that may come of it. Do you think core scripts are fine to make and...
  6. Gump

    Gump::Core Script [Version 1.07]

    Script: Gump::Core Script Version: 1.07 / 1.02 (core/time) Author: Matt 'Gump' Sully Description: This is my core script which will be required for some of my script releases. It has some basic built in functions and methods including resolution change support, audio controls, a color...

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