1. HyrulianPrince

    Compatibility Issues with Plugins?

    I've been using this site as a Guest previously, but finally signed up today, so I apologize if it isn't posted in the right place. I've been working on my game for the past 2-3 months now and I've gotten used to using plugins, events, etc. The problem that I'm having right now is that...
  2. Chef

    Events 1 Pixel offset while using GameUpgrade or CoreEngine

    Good evening, Like the title says: Events are not in the right place when using SRD_GameUpgrade and/or YEP_CoreEngine and I have no idea why. Core Engine is up to date with version 1.30 and Game Upgrade is version 1.21. I did try it with the latest version but it doesn't help. I also tried it...
  3. Yanfly Core Engine help?

    Can someone please try and help me? I can't figure out what's going wrong with the core engine. it says TypeError Failed to execute 'GetImageData' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': Float parameter 1 is non-finite And the only thing I touched was the screen resolution. 
  4. Michael Dionne

    YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator (a mod to support 70+ devices/platforms!!)

    MODERATOR MESSAGE: This plugin no longer follow Yanfly's terms of use. If you do own the plugin and got it before Yanfly changed his license (before October 27th 2019), you can still use it but please refrain from sharing this plugin. Thank you. YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator 1.0 MICHAEL...

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