corona virus

  1. _Shadow_

    COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    COVID-19 makes people anxious. If you use shades of red to represent the spread of the virus the World Map will turn into a map of an earth on measles. There are some facts. The weak people (sick, old people, people with low immune system or diseases that weaken them) suffer more and the virus...

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Stream will be live shortly! I will be beginning a play-through of Resident Evil 4! Feel free to drop by!

1st iteration on castle interior in Tiled.
I've started up Pillars of Eternity. It's interesting how the game does a "select choice" cutscene using still image art for dramatic flair. I wonder if that might work for my RPGMaker project.
The self-righteous indignation of family when you expect them to pay back money you've leant to them never ceases to amaze me.
Gamedev for relaxing? yes or no?

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