1. Vanir

    Vanir Resources | Update: 43 Icons & variations [133 total] | NO RTP tilesets, icons

    ..................................................... Here you can find several resources among which the tileset will prevail. This thread will be updated over time. Do not hesitate to let me know your suggestions below. PD: The set of tiles I make does not use the RTP set Term of use...
  2. Milennin

    How to make enemy corpses happen?

    When an enemy dies, and it was the last or only enemy in the troop, the victory screen pop-ups. Instead, I'd like to have an enemy turn (transform) into a corpse before that happens. How do I make something like that happen?
  3. Horror Titleset requested

    Hallo everyone, I want to make a horror game with the RPG Maker VX Ace but I dont find any good titleset for interior title (like abandoned buildings, rotten school building, asylum, mansion, hospital, bloody, ...) Can anyone help me out? A good title set would by like in the PSP game of...

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