1. JtheDuelist

    Hard Choices for Wooden Cosplay/Replica Weapons

    Now that I have saved up and ordered that gaming computer, I am now free to save up money on my other hobbies, which as the title stats, I like making cosplay props/weapon replicas only out of 1-2 planks of wood, wood glue, and hand painting it- no carvings, wood burnings, or any of that fancy...
  2. Reapergurl

    My old band; More of my past brought to light! (cosplay drummer)

    (I wasn't sure whether to post this here or General Lounge but since it is based in music I thought here) Yes, I used to cosplay, and I also used to be one Hell of a drummer (actually I probably still am-just haven't played in a long while). I lied when I said I never played the Guitar...
  3. captainproton

    Cosplay Corner

    This may belong in the art forum, so feel free to move it, mods.   The convention season is upon us, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to talk about cosplay.  Maybe you're looking for advice on how to replicate your favorite character's weapon, or need help on that perfect...
  4. DoctorArtist

    GALV's Menu Layout: Help with Multiples?

    I type a lot, I'm really sorry. I'll underline the main parts so I don't make you all fall asleep before figuring out what the question is. Heh. Alright, so my game has a nice little cosplay feature. That is to say, you can buy outfits for your characters, or you can be rewarded with them as...
  5. The Dragon God

    Need Cosplayers!

     Anyone interested in cosplaying as my game characters? 
  6. Cadh20000

    An Accidental Spell

    Pulling a nondescript brown leatherbound book from the shelf where my mother kept her grandfather's antique books, I let it fall open to a random page and began reading, "Illumis - A spell for lighting the darkness" was the heading at the top of the page. A spell huh? Interesting... I wonder...

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