1. QueenTeaYT

    Inventory Item Count Detection?

    I want an event to occur once it detects X amount of Y item. Is this possible? I only know how to use the detect item for 1 count. EDIT: To be more specific, I want to an event to occur once the player has collected 40 flowers.
  2. Steps count with condition?

    Yush, i like to ask how i can make even, that count "steps" & when steps reach some number, then hapend event? I know, then i can add event, like "Control Variables" -> "Other" -> "Steps" -option but, i can't find same or similar option in "Conditional Branch" -menu, that can count or use my...
  3. dnel57

    Game download count?

    Just a game submission question. I submitted a game and have had 220 views. How do I know if anyone actually downloads the game? Thanks
  4. Help with tracking turn count in battles

    So I've used the search function to try and answer this question first, however the only thing I could find was this by DoubleX;   In this I can see that the "BattleManager" keeps track of the case 'turn' but I'm unsure of how to call for this info. Is it as simple as "if...
  5. Enemy skill variable

    Hey, I am new to this tool I want to count how many times the skill is used by the enemy in the battle. I mean by that is, whenever the enemy use a skill, it will increase the chosen variable. Is there any available plugin that allow me to do this? Thanks
  6. SEK

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3 By SEK Introduction Counts uses of skills and attacks and adds a bonus damage formula. You can also learn skills after using x times a skill or a weapon. Features - You can see how many times an actor uses a skill, save the counter to a variable and...
  7. RainbowGrenade

    Track item sales with variables?

    What I'd like to do is pretty simple, but search as I may, I can't seem to find any info on how to do it.  I would just like to have variables attached to certain items that will increase as they are sold.  I found one script that seemed like it would work, but it wasn't working/compatible and...
  8. Kes

    Counting enemy defeats

    Does anyone know if a script exists for Ace which counts the number of kills per character?  i.e. Actor #1 so many, Actor #2 so many, etc.  I've hunted around and can't find anything. Thanks.

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