counter control

  1. Backwardskey

    Battle AI Core Problems.

    Greetings. I'm using the most up-to-date version of Yanfly's Battle AI Core, and I'm having some unusual trouble getting enemies to correctly use skills that have a high 'Speed' parameter - as in, the skill should always come first in the turn. Instead, the plugin seems to use the enemy's AGI to...
  2. Klammsi

    Yanfly's counter control

    Hello guys, I have a question to Yanfly's counter control plugin: Is it possible to make your character counter an attack ONLY! if he first evades the attack.  I have been trying multiple notetags  but fail to get the desired effect. First I thought that the notetag  <Evade Counter>...
  3. Aegix Drakan

    "Yanfly Counter Control" problem - Counters are countered for no reason

    Whenever I apply a Counter state to my character, and the enemy hits him, my character counters as normal with the specific skill that I've set as the default counter. Then, the enemy counters my character's counterattack with a normal attack, despite not having ANY counter-attack state...

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