1. Need a hand with Conditions to make a counter for my game.

    There is a useful tutorial about counters in the material, but I'm afraid I can't quite wrap my head around the simple example they gave and what I am trying to do. I want a counter in one room of the game's location to go up every time the player enters the room and for a different message to...
  2. Julijewels

    Need help with a simple counter in an event?

    I'm guessing it's incredibly simple and I'm just a newbie. Pretty much the event is going Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. On page 3, you get an item. It self switches to page 4 to prevent you from grabbing another item. Page 3 Contents Page 4 is a conditional branch that checks to see if you already...
  3. Counter System with SRD ActiveDefenseCore & VE_ThrowableObjects

    In AlphaDreams' Mario & Luigi games, the player is able to dodge and counter attack via button prompts, When an enemy attacks directly, you jump to avoid and on to them as well When an enemy attacks using projectiles, you can deflect them using your weapons I've stated the plugins I'm using on...
  4. [MV] Counter System with SRD ActiveDefenseCore & VE_ThrowableObjects

    In AlphaDreams' Mario & Luigi games, the player is able to dodge and counter attack via button prompts, When an enemy attacks directly, you jump to avoid and on to them as well When an enemy attacks using projectiles, you can deflect them using your weapons I've stated the plugins I'm using...
  5. RMMV how to modify +counter rate only when in-state?

    Related to YEP_counter control Modify counter rate when actor Guard, apply guard state that has flag Guard & +25% counter rate. On counter, deal dmg & apply state that stun & increase target dmg taken. (counter only available when on guard, or use certain weapon/class. default all 0% counter)...
  6. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Yanfly Buff and States - State that can only be applied X times.

    Hello! :kaohi: Could someone help me with creating a state that can only be applied to a target X times, before they become immune? The idea being that instead of making a boss immune to powerful status effects like Stun, I can instead make it so an enemy can only be stunned up to X times...
  7. Thornton

    RMMV Having trouble using Yanfly's Custom Counter Condition tag

    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble trying to get one of my character's counter skill(s) working utilizing the <Custom Counter Condition> note tag with Yanfly's Counter Control (I have version 1.10). No matter what eval I seem to put in, the same skill is only ever countered with, despite its...
  8. coucassi

    RMMV Reflection/Counter Popups

    Heyho! I am using SRD Battle Popup Customizer and I'd like to add Custom Popups, that appear if a magic attack is reflected/ a physical attack is countered. I can't figure out how to set the condition, though. Here is a screenshot of how the plugin parameters of a correct Custom Popup should...
  9. Jacoh

    How do you make a move that if it lands after the enemy attack, the power doubles?

    Hey, i have a simple question, is there a way to make a special move that deals a certain amount of damage if it moves first but it doubles if it lands after being hit by an enemy, like the move "Revenge" from pokemon
  10. GoodSelf

    Reward Tracker Graphics (16x16, 32x32, 48x48)

    Hello Friends! I made these little trackers for a project I'm working on and figured I would share them here. I plan to use them to track in-game rewards the player collects on their journey. Feel free to edit if you like - they should hue shift really well to fit your needs. I hope someone...
  11. shizuruteru

    How do I make a better Counter Skill?

    I am aware that there is already a counter-attack option, but whenever I use the existing counter-attack it isn't the type of counter I want. What I want is a sort of shield skill where the actor with the state takes less damage and some of the damage gets reflected back at the attacker. EX)...
  12. ovate

    kotonoha* - Counter Animation (Battle)

    CounterAnimation - 2016/05/18 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Plays an animation when a counterattack was about to happen. If you have an animation of reflect barrier for physical attack would fit. Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter - AnimationWait param for...
  13. xChikyx

    Script that reads when a player is facing a wall

    Hi! I'm currently working on a project using RPG Maker XP in a pretty complicated way. Anyway, I'm trying to create a global event that reads when the player is facing a wall. Is thre anything out there that already does so? So far the only idea I have is to make a HUGE series of conditional...
  14. Lord Vectra

    Counter Attack Effects

    I've been deciding how I wanted to do counter-effect abilities. I'm using RPG Maker XP (fyi). So, about counter effects, I had the following ideas but I don't know what to do. Ideas Subtract X damage from the first hit and then counter Reflect X damage from first hit and then counter Subtract...
  15. Trouble with Specific Battle Event

    Ok, so to summarize I have a quest in which you're asked to kill 5 of a certain enemy within a certain amount of time. The timer works fine, so does the switch that activates once the timer reaches 0:00 and the proper text prompt comes up when you manage to complete the quest and return to the...
  16. How to create a counter that deals the original amount of damage?

    Hello, I was able to change the skill used when countering a physical move by adding "this._action.setSkill(x);" at the .invokeCounterAttack function in Yanfly's Battle Engine Core script. Question is, I have no idea of how to actually set the damage of the attack chosen as the counter...
  17. Uzuki

    How to activate an Counter Skill BEFORE taking damage? (MV)

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a issue with a skill I'm trying to set up. In my game shields replace counter attack skills and instead inflict the Guard state on the user and they will take less damage. The problem is that I can't get the counter skill to activate until after a character...
  18. Pauzh_

    End game results screen

    I want to make a results screen that is displayed at the end of the game that shows the following: Total time steps taken enemies killed battles escaped total time for each boss battle saves ranking from 0-10 based on the other listed results I also want it to activate the new game + script I...
  19. OmnislashXX


    You know when you go into an inn or shop and the merchant is usually behind the counter? I really can't find a good tile that I can use to represent a counter. Now I just purchased the game, so really I have no tilesets or plug-ins, so any advice as to what to use at this point would be helpful...
  20. Getting hit by attacking an enemy (standard battle system)

    Hi There, I do have a problem getting a certain type of enemy working. I want to implement a burning foe where you get fire elemental damage if you hit him with physical damage. So... it works like a counter I guess...? But it's important that the attacking actor gets the damage more...

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