1. tale

    kotonoha* - Counter Animation (Battle)

    CounterAnimation - 2016/05/18 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Plays an animation when a counterattack was about to happen. If you have an animation of reflect barrier for physical attack would fit. Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter - AnimationWait param for...
  2. Ronove

    [ACE] Counterattack Help

    Hi! It's me again with something probably stupid simple. VX Ace set up its Counterattack function to basically be dodge -> counter. I've set up a berserk skill for a character that gives them 100% counter but because the game has the character dodge then counter, it makes so the character...
  3. Klammsi

    Yanfly's counter control

    Hello guys, I have a question to Yanfly's counter control plugin: Is it possible to make your character counter an attack ONLY! if he first evades the attack.  I have been trying multiple notetags  but fail to get the desired effect. First I thought that the notetag  <Evade Counter>...
  4. Gannondork

    How to make Counterattack status prevent character from moving, but still allow counterattacking?

    What title says. Basically, character goes into counterattack state (Evasion Rate -100%, Counterattack Rate +1000%, Attack State = Knockout 100%) upon using certain skill and it lasts for 1 turn. The problem is that if i'll give that status "can't move" restriction, he won't counterattack and if...
  5. Tsukihime

    Counter After Hit

    By default, when a target successfully counterattacks, they would automatically evade the attacker's action, and then respond with a normal attack. This plugin changes it so that the target does not evade automatically, and will perform the counter attack afterwards.   More information and...
  6. JAD94

    Issues with counterattack state

    Hey everyone I had a quick concern about the counterattack state. So I noticed, when someone (actor/battler) has the counterattack state active on them, the only moves that get countered are the basic attacks. Is there a way to set it so that  all physical attacks get countered? Or perhaps if...
  7. Quigon

    No Counter Attack if TP = 0 & counter attacks using TP

    Just looking for a quick snippet, don't know how easy it is but I thought I'd ask! I've looked around and haven't really found anything, but I'm wondering if someone could write me a script that disables actor counterattacks if their TP is currently at 0. I'm using an ATB and have counters set...
  8. Kes

    Enemy sprite not disappearing on death by counterattack

    The title says it all.  Whenever an enemy is killed as a result of a counterattack hit, the sprite stays on screen, though there is the 'death' message and that enemy is unselectable. The battle scripts I am using are: Yanfly's Battle...
  9. Counterskills don't do damage until enemy has had first turn

    Hi there, I'm new to Rpg Maker VX Ace and scripting, so I'm needing some help. I'm using YSA's Classical ATB as my battle system along with Fomar's Counterskill attacks. They play nice with the exception of one thing: if I attack an eneny before it's had its first turn, its counter attack won't...
  10. DoubleX RMVXA Counterattack Edit

    DoubleX RMVXA Counterattack Edit  v1.05b by DoubleX Compatibility Fix DoubleX RMVXA Counterattack Compatibility Fix Introduction In the default setting, the counterattack skill's id is always 1(Attack). This is hardcoded(can only be modified by scripts). With this script, it can be altered...

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