1. Dreadshadow

    COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    COVID-19 makes people anxious. If you use shades of red to represent the spread of the virus the World Map will turn into a map of an earth on measles. There are some facts. The weak people (sick, old people, people with low immune system or diseases that weaken them) suffer more and the virus...

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I count on someone one time, I let them promise something to me, and one week later it's complete silence as I'm completely let down. I hate everything.
Everytime I need to write dialogues I find myself writing new music pieces... what kind of trick is this?!
Me Being Dumb spending hrs trying to figure out Irenas Visual Novel busts I'm probably missing something stupid and obvious xDD

let the journey begin >w>
X.X ok... I guess I'll just have to think about 48x48 a little differently. Its not "room for more work"..."its room for more detail!...yay"
Alexa, play Buck-Tick - Dress

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