1. Neon Black

    Starting States

    Starting States Script v1.0 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script allows battlers to start battle with any number of states active.  This allows battlers to get a boost at the start of battle that they otherwise would not have.  Starting states can be applied to anything that would give...
  2. Neon Black

    Graphics States

    State Graphics Script v1.3 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script allows states to change an actor's or an enemy's graphic while a state is applied to the battler.  This change lasts while the state is applied.  You can make changes to a battler's battle graphic, character sprite, or...
  3. Neon Black

    Stacking States

    Stacking States v1.1a Created by Neon Black What is it? This script states that can be stacked on top of each other for increased effectiveness.  In other words, having more than 1 instance of the same state on an actor or enemy.  Due to how it works, the "params" and "sp-params" of states in a...
  4. Neon Black

    Djinn System (+demo)

    Djinn System v1.1b Created by Neon Black What is it? This script allows the user to create and use Djinn similar to the game "Golden Sun".  Djinn act as a "special piece of equipment" that can be used in battle to perform a special skill.  Djinn have 3 states: Equipped, Standby, and Cooldown...
  5. Neon Black

    CP's Battle Engine

    CP's Battle Engine v1.2b Created by Neon Black What is it? This is my own custom battle engine. I wanted to change how battles looked and one thing led to another and the next thing I knew I had an entire battle system. This battle system has 5 different view modes (which you can actually...
  6. Neon Black

    Passive Skills

    Passive Skills Script V1.0b Created by Neon Black What is it? This script allows you to apply states to skills to add passive buffs while the skill is learned. This is done in two simple steps as detailed below. These passive buffs work exactly like the states (for the most part as far as I...
  7. Neon Black

    Grade Victory Screen

    Grade Victory Screen Script V2.1 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script adds a fancy little information screen at the end of all battles that displays a certain amount of information. This script will also record the amount of damage you do during battle, the amount of damage you take...
  8. Neon Black

    Battle Pop-ups

    Battle Pop-ups v1.2a Created by Neon Black What is it? This is a script I developed to show a little more information during battle that may be useful to the player. In my opinion, when a player uses a skill, they want to keep their eyes on the flashy skill, not on the info box watching for how...
  9. Neon Black

    Skill Costs

    Skill Costs Script V1.1 Created By Neon Black What is it? This script allows you to define additional skill costs using tags in skill's notebox. There are numerous different conditions you can add aside from the standard MP and TP costs and all of them will need to be fulfilled in...
  10. Neon Black

    Scrolling States Script

    Scrolling States v1.1 Created by Neon Black What is it? So with many of the default settings, there's only enough room in battle to show two states per character. Even with more room, if you use a lot of states (like I do) you tend to run out of room fast. This script will cause state images...

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