crafting plugin

  1. TheGameAfter

    Crafting System - Resource (TGA)

    Hey game makers, Since I was doing some resources trying to find 'Crafting' plugins/system for my project, I fighter I will share it with anyone who looking for a 'crafting' system and wants to see all the options in one place. I will be updating this thread in the future if I found more...
  2. gRaViJa

    Weapon Refinement (Slightly different crafting)

    Hey all, I am looking for a way to allow Weapon Refinement/Enhancement. It works a bit like Crafting but not exactly the same. Basically, When you open the Scene, you'll see a screen that is close to the classic Item screen (but not the actual item screen!): When you click on one of the...
  3. Combine items?

    Is there a way to select two items and making a third one with them? Maybe with a plugin?
  4. BonnieLass

    Need a Crafting Plugin

    There are several crafting plugins out there, but I need one that does something specific. I need it to allow for multiple inputs/ingredients to produce multiple different outputs/results. I've found one plugin that meets these criteria, but it has a problem. It's called Simple Crafting made by...

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