crafting system

  1. Sighted

    [XP]I need some help with Item Crafting

    Hello everyone, I just post 2 thread already but, I still need something to be done It's a problem I face with Item Crafting Script. By the way, I found the script here >> Unfortunately, the demo link is dead. So, I tried to put this...
  2. Ratatattat

    The same command chain works for some variables but not others? Please help!

    Hello! I just made this account and though I've read lots of threads here before, have never posted. I am also very new to Javascript although I've picked some things up. So I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, or my terminology is off, or anything like that. I'm creating an alchemy...
  3. Zerothedarklord

    FREE Seeking Idea Bouncers, Story Writer and Battle Animation Crafter

    Legacy of Eathetoria (Pronounced "E-Thuh-Tor-E-Yuh") TO ANY AND ALL WHO DECIDE TO OFFER/INQUIRE, PLEASE HAVE, AND BE COMFORTABLE WITH USING DISCORD (voice never required, but highly encouraged due to screen share being convenient). MY DISCORD TAG IS Zerothedarklord#8459 POSITIONS DESIRED...
  4. PauloVillage

    Crafting System

    Hi all, I use Szyu's plugin for test a craft system, I use RMMV. I use all comands, but the recipes don't show in the craft menu. I use this forum: the book for craft is ok But don't show nothing inside him I use...
  5. Gravemaster

    Vlue's Recipes assist (Advanced Recipe Crafting v1.2)

    Hey, so I've been using Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting for a while. The script works great, but I have two problems with it: 1)The script uses what is called "exp deprac", a system that reduces the crafting exp gained from crafting depending on the player's crafting level. can we make it so...
  6. Jayje

    RMXP Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem - Monster Creating Sim/RPG (EARLY ACCESS 1 RELEASED)

    This game has RELEASED IT'S NEWEST BETA! Please follow this links to the download and the recruitment thread if interested. T.I.A. BETA 2 Release Download (ITCH) BETA 2 Release Download (GAMEJOLT) BETA 1 Release Download (ITCH) BETA 1 Release Download (GAMEJOLT) BETA 0 RELEASE Download...
  7. hiddenone

    Eventing a Place-able Crafting System

    Evented Crafting System aka: putting items on a table before cooking This tutorial is for those people like me who want a crafting system that's more hands-on than many of the crafting plugins. While the plugins are great, they don't give complete control of what ingredient combinations are...
  8. Dragon Blade

    Hello everyone, I'd like to share my first game with RPG Maker VXAce. But before that allow me to point out that I'm not  a 2D artist, so I don't have custom sprites in my game. That being said I love creating stories and worlds. RPG Maker also comes with a large library of sprites which...
  9. chungsie

    Crafting System

    Does anyone know any good crafting systems, that are truly plug and play and still have support? I need something that allows for alchemy, cooking, and smithing. Otherwise I will have to quess at how to make a crafting system in the game.

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