crash on startup

  1. Skijarama

    RPG Maker MV Crashing at Splash Screen.

    Hello! So, up until yesterday, my RPG maker MV has been working just fine - it would crash on rare occasions, but never at the splash screen. That has since changed. As of yesterday, I attempted to boot up the engine to work on a game a friend of mine and I are working on only for RPG maker to...
  2. Rpg Maker MV Crashes on startup

    Recently my RPG Maker MV program white screens and crashes on startup. I've tried verifying game files, uninstall&reinstall, changing versions, and updating my game driver. Nothing works and I am stumped on what to do. PC Specs: -GeForce GTX 1070 (Driver version 461.92) -AMD Ryzen 7 3700x...
  3. RGP Maker MV Keeps Crashing After Trying Everything

    I tried contacting support, but they never responded. My computer easily exceeds the program's system requirements. I've tried reinstalling, temporarily disabling antivirus, defraging my computer, closing other other programs, and rebooting, but MV still keeps crashing either as it's loading or...
  4. mystic0

    11 Reasons RPG Maker MV might not load from Steam

    I had been using RPG Maker MV on my desktop for years without issue. I recently got a new laptop and left on a long term trip, so I didn't get enough time to really check on compatibilities before I left. The last few days I've been trying to get RPG Maker to load from Steam. The splash page...
  5. Soryuju

    MV Won’t Start After Windows Update

    I just ran a Windows update on my PC, and now MV 1.6.1 won’t open at all. When I try to open a project via my desktop, file explorer, or even Steam, it just comes up with a white screen which closes itself after a few seconds. Some background: I’d previously been experiencing extremely...

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