1. Yanntastisch

    RPG Maker MV on Steam won't start

    Hello, My RPG Maker MV is not starting on Steam anymore, and I'm getting desperate. It is booting up on Steam, but the splash screen and the Engine window doesn't open. It tells me it's running, but it is is only running in the background, I find it on task manager. This thing began just one...
  2. Erratic Crashes During Playtesting (macOS)

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here so my apologies if it's in the wrong place. Context and Problem summary: I've been developing a game for a month or so in RMMV (macOS). Any time that I want to play test the game, test troop battles, or play a deployed version of the game, I can expect...
  3. NortonsDonuts

    Software Crashes Constantly [RPG Maker MV]

    Whenever I try to open a project, it crashes. When i try to export a sprite from the sprite maker, it crashes. I try to create a new game, it crashes. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, I deleted all files on pc and reinstalled, I told my Antivirus to not bother the app when its running...
  4. ddejan90

    Crash with no reason with no hints whats wrong VX Ace

    Hello. I'm using Galvs Storage script and it works perfect, except, it don't work... Game crashes randomly without any notes what's gone wrong, it will just freez, show window "check online for solution" and "close program". It happens randomly, don't mater how many you add, but, usually there...
  5. ddejan90

    posted wrong forum, don't know how to delete

  6. Vis_Mage

    Bug - Editor Freeze in Options Menu

    Hello! While working in RPG Maker MV today, I ran into a strange, highly specific crash. Upon testing it several more times, the crash seems consistent. I know that this crash is super unlikely to be ran into, and that MV doesn't necessarily look likely to get any more updates at this point...
  7. IzumiRecord

    The game closes suddenly.

    the game closes suddenly without explanation, it happens when passing from one map to another, but I have what the chrash report gives me, another thing to mention is that the game closes without giving any error window. [0816/040822.443:ERROR:http_transport_win.cc(175)] WinHttpCrackUrl: URL...
  8. LadyDeath1138

    Yanfly's Battle Engine Crashing

    So, I've run into an issue with Yanfly's Battle Engine. It seems a specific line is having issues within the script, and when the game encounters it, the whole thing crashes. I researched it, and it was believed that the issue was caused by certain assets not being disposed of. I did try the...
  9. Vis_Mage

    RPG Maker MV Editor - Crashes if Save Takes too Long

    Hey there, :kaohi: So, there's an issue that I've been facing for a while now with RPG Maker MV's editor, that I'm curious if anyone has run into themselves, or possibly found a solution for. That is, when saving a project (in the editor, NOT in the game), if it takes too long to save (for me...
  10. Trianglon

    RPG Maker VX Ace crashes when loading game

    So I have the Steam version of RPG Maker VX Ace and I got a new computer that I haven't used RPG Maker on before now (both my old and new computer are Windows 10 but the new one has better specs). Anyways, when I try to open my game project that I've been working on for years now it just crashes...
  11. RPG Maker XP games are refusing to launch, need help

    Hi! Sorry for asking the same question in two categories, I'm not sure which one is the appropriate one for my issue. Feel free to delete whichever one is in the wrong category. I actually just started this account, because I couldn't find a solution anywhere else, or even anyone with the same...
  12. RPG Maker XP games are refusing to launch, need help

    Hi! Sorry for asking the same question in two categories, I'm not sure which one is the appropriate one for my issue. Feel free to delete whichever one is in the wrong category. I actually just started this account, because I couldn't find a solution anywhere else, or even anyone with the same...
  13. Error with QABS crashing, TypeError

    Howdy, I've been having an error that I can replicate extremely easily with Quxios QABS system, where every time I open the pause menu as an animation is played from an attack, whether it came from me or an enemy or whatnot, and then exit the menu, the game crashes with a "TypeError: Cannot read...
  14. wistiecutie

    Unexplainable glitch, please, I need help asap.

    Hello everyone ! So I'm having a massive glitch that's making my brain leak by the ears. I'm currently working on the bonus of my game and for no absolute reason, the play test keeps shutting off and when I go into the script editor, it automatically seems to link to the line 100 in the cache...
  15. Sparky89

    MV keeps crashing/Steam?

    Hello does anybody else have issue's with MV crashing every ten minutes or so? I'm using steam and it crashes constantly. Doesn't matter what i do. Some times it's serious NO BUGS NO ERROR'S some times it's just ( stop responding ) The serious one's i get is where my /Data currupts. So far...
  16. GiantHurtBall

    AppCrash RPGMV (Steam) caused by Qt5WebEngineCore.dll

    Hi there, The software closes with no error message given and can also happen during saving the project leading to loss of the current session and sometimes corrupting the data files. Crashes can be within 5 minutes to every hour between crashes. Faulting application name: RPGMV.exe, version...
  17. Animebryan

    MV Crashes while working on Database

    I've had this problem with my last project & now with this one. If I work on the database long enough & try to switch category tabs or try to push OK to close it out, the windows turns white & becomes unresponsive & crashes. I've learned to save often but this is annoying as hell! For the...
  18. Rgss Player crash when i want to Playtest my game.

    Hello, My PC have been reset yesterday, i have only csgo and Rpgmakerxp on my computer. i have no problem using Rpgmaker xp and editing map, but as soon as i want to Playtest it, the rgss player crashes :( i've been looking for hours but there was only outdated tutorials. [I tried using...
  19. chrrsy

    How to crash an RPG Maker MV game intentionally?

    I want to get RPG Maker MV to crash/throw up an authentic error message for a part of a game. How can I do this? To be clear, I don't want to simulate a crash -- I want a genuine crash that'll put up an error message, and one that would be able to triggered at a certain point during gameplay...
  20. Vanessa

    RM MV kept crashing

    so i was on clean build, only have a very few plugins from Yanfly and Moghunter. just double clicking the plugins to turn it on then the software crashes, now everytime i launch it, it's crashes without warnings. is there any explanation or helps? i tried reinstalling, restarting, checking...

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