1. AdamSakuru

    Help: My Game Project (Sin Tax) Is Crashing For Some People!

    PLEASE LEAVE A RESPONSE TO THIS THREAD IF THE GAME CRASHED FOR YOU! (I may inquire further testing from you if you're interested) The demo of my game project has worked for most who've played it, but a couple of people have reported that after the game's first random battle, the game crashes...
  2. Nantas

    Yed-SideviewBattler : java error

    Hello everyone ! I will soon need the plugin Yed-SideviewBattler (link here : to use a custom pixel battler I have ordered. But when I turn the plugin on in game, here is what I...
  3. yugiohhero

    (2003) Crashing upon initiating battles?

    I AM USING ENTIIIIRELY BASE ASSETS EXCEPT THE GAME OVER SCREEN AMD MUSIC AT THE MOMENT, SO A MISSING ATTACK SPRITE SHOULD NOT BE THE ISSUE. Whenever I initiate a battle against a knight, it crashes because "the event script referenced a battle animation that does not exist" even though said...
  4. Play Test Does Not Work

    Hi! I'm new to RPG Maker, and currently I'm doing some project on RPG Maker MV ver 1.4.0. I have created characters, classes, skills, items, and enemies. But when I try to play test it, the box pops out but it's all black. And then the stop working message comes out. I have reinstalled it, but...
  5. gregbaby

    Pearl ABS V3 Crashing to desktop.

    Hello again! Script in question: I've been having problems with my game crashing a lot due to this error message: Script '- Pearl Kernal' line 101: RGSSError occured. disposed bitmap EDIT: Added some screen shots into...
  6. DarkEspeon

    Game crashes on ME play

    Hello! I came across a problem. When I play any music effect (ME) the game crashes some time after the music ends, ranging from 0 to 2 seconds. Any ideas what that could be?
  7. yongilcool

    Can you delete parallax cache or image cache in MV?

    i'm developing rpg mv mobile game and got some issues... like.. CRASHING!! i just want to delete parallax cache or image the game may use parallax and images as many times as I want! i'm using 'kaus overlay' plugin to use parallax in the map and use a bunch of images in the game...
  8. Marianojoey

    Problem compiling (the game won't work...)

    Hi, I'm having a problem compiling the project, and what I found in the forums that was closely related, was a dead thread in which the last (and fouth) post was by one of you helping guys (or gals) and never answered by the OP. I'll try to be as specific as I can, and [LONG Version (and I...
  9. Plugin Crashes Battles

    I get this error. Failed to execute 'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': float parameter 2 is non-finite. TypeError: Failed to execute 'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': float parameter 2 is non-finite. at TypeError (native) at...
  10. Futokoro's skill upgrade window plugin - Error

    Hi everyone! I'm posting in case anyone dabbles in japanese plugins, because as far as I've seen, Futokoro's plugins haven't been posted on these forums, or any english-speaking one. Here you can check out the plugins in question. Beware, it's almost completely in japanese...
  11. Rycharde

    "RGSS player has stopped working" on many XP games

    Most XP games are throwing the "RGSS player has stopped working" error immediately after starting. Nothing appears on screen, and the ones that have a soundtrack in intro plays one or two notes then a short one note sound then stops. This happens through Steam and downloaded free games that I...
  12. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Steam Version of RMMV keeps crashing.

    So I bought it on Steam (it was on sale), but when I loaded it into Steam and tried to start it, it'd be on for a few seconds (maybe little over a minute at most), and then crash and shut down. I tried to start it up multiple times, and it'd only be up for a short while before crashing.
  13. Nutty171

    IMPORTANT issue with MV closing incorrectly

    THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY! Whenever RMMV closes incorrectly, such as with a recent power flash, all of the files that it was using are replaces with spaces. Luckily, I had backed up that game relatively recently, but there's still a lot of work that I lost...
  14. Songsmith

    Closing the Menu Scene with an event

    I have an item called "glowing box" that gives the player a random legendary item on opening. Because of this, it needs to open up a message window when it is used, telling the player which item they got. However, when using this item from the item menu I get a crash saying, "cannot read...
  15. Rhaeami

    Fixing a Luna script crash with my custom battle system (RGSS3)

    EDIT: Stumbled on another solution. Since it's checking arrays, I compared @list.size against the value of @index for my IF. Works now, you may close the thread. :kaoswt: ________________________________________________________ As this deals with Luna scripts, I'm avoiding posting a demo...
  16. Doktor_Q

    Leaving the menu back to a dialog choice crashes

    If you open a choice (specifically, the "show choice" event), then open the menu screen using a parallel process, RPGMaker crashes upon closing the menu. Replicated in a clean project, minimalist example here, using only vanilla events. Talk to the NPC, and while the choice is showing press...
  17. Servidion

    Crash when I save my project.

    So I've been having this issue since Day-One of getting MV, but I've just... dealt with it. Don't ask me why. Every once in a while, say one out of every 5-10 saves RPG Maker will crash and I'll lose my work since the last time I successfully saved. It's like every time I save it I cross my...
  18. When i take damage in a battle the game crashes :/

    So, i was testing my game Blonesis, and i entered in a battle, but when is took damage, the game crashed, and this message appeared Script "Game_ActionResult" line 119: ArgumentError occurred too few arguments help me pls (Also i dont talk english very well, so sorry if i have...
  19. RPG Maker MV crashes on splash

    I downloaded the trial version from the official site yesterday, and after the install when i tried to start it an error message popped up and said it has stopped working. I'm looking for solutions all over the web, but i couldn't find anything usefull yet. I also updated my drivers and...
  20. RPG Maker MV crashes

    Hello there. I reinstalled and made up to date all of my video and sound drivers, i also checked .net framework, and it's up to date too and working fine. so i don't have any idea, why RMMV won't start. If any of you have or had the same error pls let me know and if your problem is solved...

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