1. Misty

    Linux: Game not running with Wine

    Hello everyone, After 2 days of non-stop testing and researching. I have come for help after not finding a solution to my problem. First, I had a data cache glitch, but I fixed that by making a new game. Somehow it kept bringing back old events and resources that I replaced. I created a new...
  2. Unable to open RPG Maker VX Ace on Windows 8.1

    Hello, I just purchased RPG Maker VX Ace from ShinyLoot, and after downloading and installing it I am unable to open the program. It will come up to the screen that says "Loading" but will just quit and I get a notification from Soluto saying that RPG Maker VX Ace has crashed. I uninstalled and...
  3. GizmyGiz

    Font change crash issue.

    Hi, sort of a script noob, so I thought I'd put my problem on here. I get the error: "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." when I try to change fonts. I've tried atleast 20 different fonts, all are installed and work fine elsewhere. It either does...
  4. Ras101

    "Wrong number of arguments" error

    Hi, I'm getting an error that says "wrong number of arguments (1 for 3)" and the error occurs at Game_Player line 235 whenever I get into a random encounter with an enemy. I've never encountered this error before. Is it a script conflict? I've installed a few new scripts since I last tested the...
  5. ZacktheFox

    Script Error for Game Difficulty Script [ACE]

    I keep getting an error after downloading The script for game difficulty by theodoric. This occurs after I win a battle after killing a monster. Screenshot of Crash Screenshot of Error line 173 and surrounding codes what do I need to do to solve this error? And if you would like me to...
  6. JeffJonesX2

    Icedragon crafting system recipe book and crash issue

    First off, thank you to anyone who even tries to help me with this. Second, 1000 apologies if i'm just blind and didn't see an existing solution to my issues. I have been looking for quite some time now, and i did see that there is already a thread on icedragon's system. But that thread is...
  7. Mithran

    Hidden Game.exe Crash Debugger - Graphical Object Global Reference ACE

    Graphical Object Global Reference VX ACE (game.exe crash debugger) by Mithran NOTICE: This is the VX ACE version of the script. For the VX Version go HERE Introduction Well, it looks like VX Ace isn't completely immune from this problem after all. The root cause appears to be the same, but there...
  8. Zalerinian

    Critical Error C0000005

    When editing my project in Ace, the program will crash whenever I save the project. It saves everything fine, but still closes every time.Most times it just closes. No error, no warning, it's just like I clicked the x. The error message(below) comes up when I click the save button on toolbar...
  9. Proseia

    Playtest crashing since adding script (only on one section of map)

    Ok, I'm back again with noob troubles. Been toying around with a zoom script, finally got it to work, everything's great, but then when I playtest in one particular area of the map, the tester crashes. If I start the character elsewhere, it opens and works fine until loading via transfer into...
  10. Mithran

    Support: Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

    This topic is to address the causes and possible solutions to the infamous "random" Game.exe crashes of RGSS2 player (RPG Maker VX). This is for RGSS2 / RPG Maker VX only, and does not apply to the other makers. This thread is for those who have encountered an error similar to this: This...
  11. Mithran

    Graphical Object Global Reference

    Graphical Object Global Reference VX (game.exe crash debugger) by Mithran NOTICE: This is the VX version of the script. For the VX ACE Version go HERE Introduction Getting seemingly random and yet occasionally predictable Game.exe crashes? "Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"...

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