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    Hello everybody! I'm not sure if this is the correct place for my question, If not i´ll rewrite it again in the correct place. if this place is corect, Perfect! I'm designing some scripts for a game. (I have some simple javascripts, when finish cleaning them I think that I will share them)...

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Made the "My Beating Mystery" board today:

in Grim Trigger episodes 3 & 4, the main characters play a Clue rip-off board game called "My Beating Mystery" (haha), so of course I had to draw the board for it. Can't decide if I wanna add blood or not
I finally decide, after several ppl asking me to, to create a gamethread about project M... And my internet craps out on me halfway through the process :(
making my first game is like trying to stuff all my experience with old games into one
so its slow and painful when i dont get it right... i bet the next game is gonna be finished earlier!
When you don't find any time to work... :kaocry:
First Ten Minutes of my Caretaker inspired game

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