1. Beebanew

    [FIXED] this.clearCommandList is not a function

    I'm trying to create a window in a new scene but it is throwing an error when calling HorzCommand (Window_Command)'s initialize. The error log Window_Command.prototype.initialize@file:///C:/Users/kawthar/Desktop/Forge/js/rpg_windows.js:1300:5...
  2. Nitrogue

    Custom Make Overworld

    Hey guys, I'm in the midst of working on an RPG game similar to Pokemon/Zelda/Earthbound, whereby the player is able to move from one town to a route and then to a forest seamlessly without having to step on a tile to get transported to a specific map. In other words, there is no switching...
  3. Gabrelik

    In learning to create resources, is it better to focus, or embrace everything?

    Hi! So, lately I've been having tons of fun creating resources both on the Request thread, and in commission form. While I've been learning so much, it occurred to me that it might be better to focus on just one particular resource specialty and learn to excel in it. After all, there are so...
  4. Simalono

    Anybody here into making videos?

    Hey I've been getting into just like filming myself being stupid and making my friends laugh with the videos. I've never really done anything too serious but I was just wondering if anyone else does the same. I would love to see some of you guy's work, at least if its original. I'm not exactly...
  5. Naetio

    Unhiding/Creating .txt files after an event

    Hello to everyone. I'm only new to this community so I apologize in advance if I make a mistake with the post or something. I've been new to the RPG making community, and I wanted to ask something.  How does the script work to either unhide or create a .txt file after a certain event on the...
  6. mike9168422

    Creating Elements Help?

    Im trying to create a Light element, and am needing help.
  7. Simon D. Aelsi

    Artist's Block--How do you get over it?

    Art is art, here. If you're an artist of ANY sort (Writing, drawing, crafting, singing, whatever) you're BOUND to get blocks from time to time. What do YOU do to get over it when it hits you hard and seemingly won't go away? Any special methods you'd like to share? Share away! Maybe someone...
  8. Not-Star

    Sprites Question

    I've just finished the prototype for my game, making a clear outline of what my game is and how it's machines make it stand out from the rest. I've just hit another snag, the characters of the game. The character generator character options doesn't really fit the character templates I've...
  9. Xanthippe

    Creating an IconSet

    HI all  So here is my problem...  I have created an icon set and it works, however, it has a white background and not the checkerd blue and black background. Every icon I use now has a white square behind the picture instead of nothing.  I am using Graphics gale as the program. P.S.  Don't...

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