1. Mooshry

    New Character Creation?

    My game requires a character creation system like the one in Dragon Quest. Basically you talk to an NPC and you can create and delete characters. How i want it to be made is it takes the first blank entry in the actor list (For example: ID 1 and 2 are used, but 3 is blank) and opens SRD's...

    Greetings. BRADTXENCKSMIOZ is my name, and CREATION is my game.
  3. marshzd

    Streaming My Game Creation

    Hey guys, I'm streaming the creation of my RPG on twitch. Feel free to come help, support, contribute or just WATCH and enjoy.
  4. Kikeluzi

    Character Creator For Web

    :kaohi:Heeey! I do not know if this is the right place to post it, but I have a little more familiarity with this community. :stickytongue: Maybe I'll get some help out if I can not find answers here. does anyone handle a bit of Javascript, to give me a light? :p I understand the basics of HTML...
  5. ZeroTheGrim

    Beta Key Creation help

    Hello! I'm sort of new here so I hope this is the right place for this, but I wanna make beta keys to send to people and have them go to a site (hopefully free) for them to use the key and download my game. Any idea how I can go about this? Sorry again if this is the wrong area!
  6. Tarzanthecat

    Creating unique puzzles

    What kind of puzzles are people interested in? When creating puzzles, you often have an extremely hard time answering this. You don't really want cliche puzzles, or too simple puzzles, but at the same time, you  don't want too hard puzzles. So... what do you do. I would like to...
  7. Wonderfull Darkness

    What's your favorite thing to make music with?

    I've been wondering, what are y'all's favorite music creation systems? Mine's probably Though I never could make anything great on it, it's still fun to use.
  8. Recolors and Creations

    Hi, everyone! In this page, I show you my personal resource! I hope to add something new every day. Credit me, if you use it, and KADOKAWA. The original ones, are from KADOKAWA. Please, if you want to support me, you can do by...
  9. Cheah Hsun Teik

    how to use javascript

    i have learned many javascript tutorial,the tutorial only thought me about creating variable/array,manipulating variable/array(using operators and function/method,etc),loops (for loop,do while loop,etc),conditions(if....elseif...else,switch case,etc) and outputting messages. In all the...
  10. Sekunri

    Using Note Tags in Plugin Creation

    So I've seen a few people ask about this in the forums but no one seems to ask the question quite the way I needed. I know that you have to make some function to read notes. As such I used the following template So as of right now this should do nothing more than load the note tags and...
  11. Kisakii

    I need to create a Battle Nun. Help Plis

    Hi to all! I`m newbie with maker, and im doing a project based in classes/characters. Im making all classes, spells, skills, etc; I need to create a Battle Nun, but with charac.generator I cant do it. Im trying to create it with photoshop using the nun (ppl2) and picking battle poses from...
  12. LuLingqi1

    Anyone else trying to learn to do things for their game?

    So I tried to make a thing due to wanting to be able to do pixel art for my game to make my own sprites. And this happened. It's nothing, like it's literally nothing. And I hate it and am so dissatisfied with my first attempt at pixel art, lol. It's so frikkin small. She's suppose to be...
  13. GreenTeaMochi

    How to make a face set??

    Hi, I'm so sorry if this is in the wrong category, and it probably is, but can I have some help with making a face set? I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Manga Studio Debut 4.0 to make it in, and I'd rather not spend any money on software at the moment. I would like to know the dimensions the page...
  14. OroKabuShipper

    RPG Maker MV Kabuto Yakushi and Orochimaru Sprite Creation Request

    I'm not entirely sure if this is where i should put this... But i was hoping for a set of walking sprites for Kabuto Yakushi and Orochimaru of the first few seasons of Naruto. I was working on a fan game for my friends on deviantart, and they gave me a few suggestions, one of them being a...
  15. Play As Monster?

    I'm new so If this was posted in the wrong section i'm sorry. I tried to read ll the rules but i'm not sure where my post goes. I was wondering if its possible in RPG Maker to have the playable character be a monster. Like an actually monster. Not a green human, Not a knight. A CREATURE.  ...
  16. Limits to custom abilities/spells?

    So i have an idea of a RPG i want to make, and therefor considering to buy RPG Maker MV.  But i was wondering about something. Is it possible to make like a "handpunch" with some fire animation, or make an animation where it seems like the character is using spells from his eye? And is it...
  17. solaris1111

    What software do you use in music cration?

    What software do you use for music creation? I do use Mixcraft 7 pro for my new game (micraft 5 for my previous). But i know there is much more software out there i don't know about and i wich to learn more about them. Also, do you know what softwares were used to create the songs from RPG...
  18. chungsie

    Character Creation

    So I want to make a game for my schizofrenic brother. and I would like to add a feature to the game. I have no idea how to program in ruby, never done it before. I do know basic and Qbasic. I think it would be nice to add a character creation at the beginning of the game. To allow the player to...
  19. Foron

    Character creation

    I would like to allow people to create their character at the beginning, but I have one problem. I want the player to be able to change their default look ingame in the creation menu. I prefer to do this without scripts, since I'm try to make a series of good games that don't take as much...
  20. ZeuroMiller

    [RPGMVXA] Please Create 2 Sprites, One Main Charachter, Main Ally of main charachter.

    Hello, To Whoever Reading This Thanks In Advance. I Have Created A Face For My Main Character but somehow I am not able to create a good sprite. Also I was thinking about an ally of my character who would remain an important part of the story. Images Of faces Are Below. Description Main...

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