1. Cah

    Overworld creature cries

    I'm making an ABS game, and I would like it to have overworld creature cries similar to how Pokemon Sun/Moon has the cries of the local Pokemon on the overworld. Essentially what I would like to happen is when the player goes to a new map all the currently spawned creature events will play...
  2. How to use runtimes so a program can be used in rpg maker mv

    I want to use creature (an animation software) in rpg maker mv. It has a pixi runtime, but I'm not sure how to use a runtime in rpg maker so that i can import the animation from creature to work. i know it is possible because a runtime was used to make spine and dragonbones work in rpg maker mv...
  3. Play As Monster?

    I'm new so If this was posted in the wrong section i'm sorry. I tried to read ll the rules but i'm not sure where my post goes. I was wondering if its possible in RPG Maker to have the playable character be a monster. Like an actually monster. Not a green human, Not a knight. A CREATURE.  ...

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