1. Misc Minor Enemies

    Hey guys, I´m just doing my first attempts at drawing on a pc and just drew some random creatures to get to know how that program works. So i thought some of you might be able to put them to use. Feel free to add them to your project or edit them to fit your needs. Might also add some more if i...
  2. Ideas for boss creatures

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask a simple question since I believe it fits in a general discussion thread. What do you think would be an awesome idea for a boss? I have 13 elements in my game thus far and 13 bosses to meet each element. Fire, ice, thunder, earth, water, poison, light, dark...
  3. Matt Beer

    Toby's Island by Matt Beer

    Welcome to Toby's Island, a 90's style RPG that follows the story of Toby, a boy whose lineage destines him to defend an island from a terrifying darkness imprisoned at the islands core. On the journey you will craft tools and potions, farm plants,, and collect monsters while...
  4. Something to reed when you hit a wall.

    Something to reed when you hit a wall. >_>   We all haw had a situation when we simply don`t haw a clue what to make next in our games  ;_;  . Bee it a boos, the story or the theme of the game. Sometimes all you need is knowledge on the subject but you simply don`t know where to find that...

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